The 21st birthday of ‘Sweet 19 Blues’, the classic Namie Amuro album about the youthful idol singer – The Breakdown


Released: July 20, 1996

The 1990s was the best period for Japanese music, in my opinion. The market skyrocketed with timeless releases, sales were at an all-time high, and the amount of up-and-coming musicians were inevitable as it was filled with prosperity. You had artists like Globe, Seiko Matsuda, B’z and Mr. Children who, for example, had claim some of the highest-selling releases that Japan had ever witnessed. But then, as 1995 came straight around the corner, young idol singer Namie Amuro started to play on the playground.  Continue reading “The 21st birthday of ‘Sweet 19 Blues’, the classic Namie Amuro album about the youthful idol singer – The Breakdown”

THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE: “Dirty Disco” – Single Review


Released: July 19, 2017 (Rhythm Zone)

Funnily enough, funk and disco has sprinkled all over the world of pop in the last two years, and now, it looks like LDH have decided to grab a bit of that sprinkle and throw it all over their acts. We first had a taste of it on the E-girls’ album E.G. Crazy, then went onto the singles “Superfly” and “Happy” by Exile the Second and J Soul Brothers. And NOW, it looks like the latest LDH baby-faced offering THE RAMPAGE have decided to take that same route with their new single, “Dirty Disco”, a retro number that shimmers thick guitar riffs and 80’s synths. Continue reading “THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE: “Dirty Disco” – Single Review”

The Top 10 Best Linkin Park Songs



Just two days ago, it was suddenly revealed to the world that Linkin Park vocalist, Chester Bennington, had tragically committed suicide at his home in Los Angeles, California, two months after releasing their comeback studio album One More Light. Despite no further information regarding the bands future or endeavours, I decided to conduct this list as a tribute to one of the best, most beloved and progressive bands of the 21st century. I think it’s wise to say that every 90s/80s kid knew who Linkin Park was; whether they liked them or not, they’re vulnerable lyrical content and dynamic metal style really changed the music landscape, and brought a whole new dimension within it’s genre. Now, the list I’ve conducted are my own personal favourites, but a lot of theme are recognisable to the days, so I’ll say no more and discuss my favourite Linkin Park tracks. Continue reading “The Top 10 Best Linkin Park Songs”

Lana Del Rey: ‘Lust for Life’ – Album Review


Released: July 21, 2017 (Interscope)

To me, the things that spring into my mind when I hear about a Lana Del Rey album is pretty simple; gloominess, melancholy, and classic 60s twists and kinks. Yup, that’s pretty essential to the Lana Del Rey package. And for her fifth studio album, the glamorously titled Lust of Life, is nothing short of these elements. She’s back with another set of dreamy and mysterious tunes, and judging from the singles—the pop-influenced number “Love” and the harmonizing duet with The Weeknd, “Lust of Love”—you would not expect anything different from the classical pop diva. Continue reading “Lana Del Rey: ‘Lust for Life’ – Album Review”

Remember Nicki Minaj’s frilly offering ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’? – The Breakdown


Released: April 2, 2012 (Young Money / Universal)

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded was one of those album’s where everyone was either completely murdered by or completely afraid of purchasing because, truth be told, it was a lil’ unexpecting when I purchased it back in 2012. But before even thinking about Roman Reloaded, think back to 2010’s Pink Friday; a confessional yet over-the-top R&B record that dished the frills and kills of Minaj’s versatility as a vocalist and hard-core rapper (uhhh, don’t tell me you don’t know the classic “Moment 4 Life” or “Super Bass”?). She was at the top of the hip-hop game, and one of the most recognized faces of the 2010s era (well, she still is, AND her ass). Continue reading “Remember Nicki Minaj’s frilly offering ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’? – The Breakdown”

RuPaul: ‘American’ – Album Review


Released: March 24, 2017 (RuCo Inc.)

2017 kiddies; what do you get when you have legendary queen, Mama RuPaul herself, mix an outspoken dominance for the recent changes in American socialism, LGBT rights, and many other serious cases in the USA, with just as outspoken glamour gowns, unclockable make-up and utter fierceness? Well, RuPaul’s 2017 studio album American of course.  Continue reading “RuPaul: ‘American’ – Album Review”



Released: July 7, 2017 (Rhythm Zone)

Diverging straight away from the Exile brand, ol’ CRAZYBOY (solo stage name for Exile’s ELLY) has dropped his second part EP titled ‘Neotokyo II’. For me, thank god an Exile member has decided to spread his wings and make his own music because, as far as I’m concerned, the formula of the band has become a lil’ dry over the years, only just to pick up bits and pieces of the EDM craze that everyone tends to dive head-first into these days. But for this, CRAZYBOY delivers his newly-explored aesthetic onto his second EP; a hip-hop ridden sound that is severely drenched in over-the-top electronic synths and pro-tools. Continue reading “CRAZYBOY: ‘NEOTOKYO’ – EP Review”

GENERATIONS from Exile Tribe: ‘Namida wo Nagasenai Pierrot wa Taiyou mo Tsuki mo nai Sora wo Miageta’ – Album Review


Released: July 5, 2017 (Rhythm Zone)

Now here’s a tongue twister. The much-younger prospects for the LDH brand, GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE have released their rather glorious titled-fourth studio album, Namida wo Nagasenai Pierrot wa Taiyou mo Tsuki mo nai Sora wo Miageta (which is loosely translated to: ‘A Clown that Can’t Shed Tears Looked up at a Sky Without a Sun and Moon’). Yes, a very intriguing title indeed. But with a newly-released record, the boys have changed up their eclectic twists and turns for something more mature and well-pieced together. Continue reading “GENERATIONS from Exile Tribe: ‘Namida wo Nagasenai Pierrot wa Taiyou mo Tsuki mo nai Sora wo Miageta’ – Album Review”