J-Pop legend Namie Amuro (安室奈美恵) to retire from music industry next year, will commence final album and concerts


UPDATED (21 Sept.): It has been confirmed that the new album is a greatest hits effort called Finally, which will feature all her singles from her debut up until now, and will also feature newly recorded and unreleased tracks. The album is scheduled to be released on November 8, 2017, alongside a farewell tour.

After wrapping up her final date for her special 25th anniversary show in Okinawa, J-pop legend Namie Amuro (安室奈美恵)—who has 40 million physical and digital units inside these years— has announced she will be retiring from the music industry next year, with a final studio album and series of shows to commence beforehand… sigh… I know everyone, pure J-pop travesty. Continue reading “J-Pop legend Namie Amuro (安室奈美恵) to retire from music industry next year, will commence final album and concerts”


Lol: ‘Lolol’ – Album Review


Released: August 2, 2017 (Avex Trax)

From the release of their debut single “Fire!”—an autotune drenched EDM throwaway track— I just knew that young and fresh Japanese band Lol were gon’ be just some generic idol group. No question about it. It always seems to be the case with youngsters like them; a few hits, a few misses, and then a collection of hit-or-miss singles and B-sides that all of us have already heard. So personally, I wasn’t particularly excited about the prosperity of Lol (even the name is quite… ehhh.) Continue reading “Lol: ‘Lolol’ – Album Review”

Yuki Tsujimura: “Light” – Single Review


Released: August 30, 2017 (Universal Music Group)

Upcoming J-pop artist Yuki Tsujimura made his first major debut with the experimental EDM jam “Ame Dance” in July this year, which kinda got me all anticipated about his work as I found it quite an intriguing debut track. But now, Mr. Tsujimura has decided to throw in the heavy synths for a bit of a J-rock twists on his most recent single “Light”, which is used as the official theme song to the anime series Monster Strike. And may I say, this is probably one of the most promising jams I’ve heard this year. Continue reading “Yuki Tsujimura: “Light” – Single Review”

EXO: “The Power of Music” – EP Review


Released: September 5, 2017 (SM Entertainment)

South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO proved themselves to be a force to reckon with on their comeback record The War, which was released two months ago. And there’s no surprise to that either, considering that EXO are one of the most progressive and edgier Asian acts in recent times (all thanks to SM Entertainment of course). But while The War saw a lot more solid and radio-friendly experimentation, it’s their new mini-EP, The Power of Music, that commands all the major attention for all the good reasons. Continue reading “EXO: “The Power of Music” – EP Review”

AKB48: “#Sukinanda” – Single Review


Released: August 30, 2017 (King Records)

As I’ve explained in the past; I have no love for idol groups like the AKB48 brand. Plain and simple. No buts or “what abouts”. Nothing. Of course, I would typically hover over any idol music that is uploaded on the iTunes Store or anywhere else that promotes J-pop realness, but it came to my attention that their new single #Sukinanda had beaten Ayumi Hamasaki’s title of being the highest-selling female act in Japan, regardless of being a solo or group artist (which I find F-ing ridiculous… care to explain, Oricon?) So I decided to look into the glitziness of #Sukinanda, and surprisingly, it’s not that bad, but not great either. Continue reading “AKB48: “#Sukinanda” – Single Review”

XXXTentacion: ’17’ – Album Review


Released: August 25, 2017 (Bad Vibes Forever / Empire)

From the start, 18-year old American rapper XXXTentacion is nothing short of controversy. End of. The unfortunate side of this is that his career, as promising as it is endearing, is overshadowed by the frenzy and chaos of his personal life. As they always say, experiences and wisdom create the best and rawest form of art (so to speak; check out his immensely frantic number “Look at Me”), but unfortunately, when people want to take XXXTentacion seriously, it’s a slap-on-the-face gimmick card that people cannot even try to listen to. Continue reading “XXXTentacion: ’17’ – Album Review”

Taylor Swift: “…Ready For It?” – Single Review


Released: September 3, 2017 (Big Machine)

Let’s just clear the air right now; Ms. Thang’s new single, “Look What You Made Me Do”, was pure shit… with a capital S to the T. But cunningly enough, her move from a more demure and contemporary pop of 1989, to an uneven yet seductive and atmospheric electronic sound sure keep me quite intrigued to see what else Tay Tay has hidden up her sleeves. And to much surprise, her new single “…Are You Ready?” sure is a namesake. Continue reading “Taylor Swift: “…Ready For It?” – Single Review”

Remember Robyn’s crazy and emotional record ‘Body Talk’? – The Breakdown


Released: November 22, 2010 (Konichiwa Records)

Swedish musicians and artists, per usual, know how to execute a fine slice of infectious pop and dance music. From the classic twists of ABBA, to the heavy club-oriented sounds of Loreen and September, and new-comer Zara Larrson, there’s just no question about it. What these artists do have in common is their ability to blend a melancholic view on life and either transform it into a lavish pop tune, or a club banger. And trust me y’all, that’s the feels hitting ya in different directions! But there is one artists who has been around for some time that can only be named by one word; Robyn. Continue reading “Remember Robyn’s crazy and emotional record ‘Body Talk’? – The Breakdown”