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Namie Amuro tracks that should have been singles

As you all know, I created three MASSIVE lists of my favourite Namie Amuro singles from her entire career (which spans between 1992 to now). So, for a lil' extra summin' summin', I will be conducting a list of some of Amuro-chan's best non-single anthems because... well, why the hell not! Some of them missed… Continue reading Namie Amuro tracks that should have been singles

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Let’s look back at one of Namie’s most accomplishing and empowering recordings, “Contrail”

Released: May 29, 2013 (Dimension Point) As we all know (and if you don't, why the hell not, it should be a complete F-ing pop music emergency about now... the alarms have been ringing for months y'all haha) that Namie Amuro will be retiring next year. Yes y'all, a J-pop tragedy... Anyway, I've been wanting… Continue reading Let’s look back at one of Namie’s most accomplishing and empowering recordings, “Contrail”

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Namie Amuro: ‘Feel’ – Album Review

Released: July 10, 2013 (Avex Trax) Feel was the first Namie Amuro album I really got into. I remembering purchasing the album single "Contrail" at the time, and after the announcement of Feel, I was actually quite anticipated for its release. No previews. No small lil' teasers on the sides. Just waited until the date came… Continue reading Namie Amuro: ‘Feel’ – Album Review

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E-girls: “Kitakaze to Taiyou” – Single Review

Released: December 6, 2017 (Rhythm Zone) So LDH girl-group E-girls are back with a new single titled "Kitakaze to Taiyou", which translates to "North Wind and the Sun". Ahhh, refreshing title, right? You would think that with their spark in ol' J-Pop world and their summery vibes would reflect on a single release like this… Continue reading E-girls: “Kitakaze to Taiyou” – Single Review

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Björk: ‘Utopia’ – Album Review

Released: November 24, 2017 (One Little Indian) I've been a fan of Björk for quite sometime, and with every album she releases, I continue to feel intrigued by her music. I don't know why... I can't even explain how... she just knows how to keep me on my feet. Björk has been a self-independent creator throughout… Continue reading Björk: ‘Utopia’ – Album Review

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Kana Nishino: ‘LOVE It’ – Album Review

Released: November 15, 2017 (SME Records) Kana Nishino's music is always a bundle of fun, heartbreak, and filled with kawaii-realness. That's been a trend throughout her entire career. It's her brand; it's her offer to the J-Pop world. But what I enjoy about her music (sometimes) is the fact that it isn't so in your… Continue reading Kana Nishino: ‘LOVE It’ – Album Review

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Art Update: Final school exhibition celebration!

Hey guys, It's Liam! (no pun intended) So you may have seen my previous Art Update post regarding my addition of face and body painting, which I am regularly updating nearly every week on Instagram (and potentially on this website)! Now, I have some more cool exiting news... last night, I had held my second… Continue reading Art Update: Final school exhibition celebration!

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Art Update: Experimenting with face paints

Hey everyone, Liam here! So as you know, I have been constantly blogging about some of my favourite and new-released music/games/movies over the past months, but now I'm taking the time out to release some cool stuff I've been up to lately! Trust me, it's gon' be a couple posts long—so make sure to check… Continue reading Art Update: Experimenting with face paints