Miliyah Kato: “Future Lover” – Single Review


RELEASED: January 16, 2016

Japanese pop diva Miliyah Kato has recently just dropped a new single entitled “Future Lover”. This single features a remix of her single “Lipstick” and the instrumental version of “Future Lover”. It is also the debut single from her upcoming studio album Liberty, which is due to hit stores in March this year.

Miliyah herself isn’t renowned for the dance pop genre; her hit singles and album tracks are a mixture of groovy R&B, subtle and emotional pop ballads, and the occasional hip-hop renditions (she covered Utada Hikaru’s iconic hit “Automatic”!) But in 2014, after releasing the J-pop effort M.U.S.E., several remixes of her singles started to endorse a rich remix texture of electronic synths and electropop. This year, it looks like she’s going to be fore-fronting the dance scene, and she’s already delivered it with “Future Lover”.

“Future Lover” is a strong electro house song with elements of modern eurodance and dance-pop elements. It’s composition and lyrics also samples “One More Time”, by the iconic French electro duo Daft Punk. “Future Lover” delivers banging synths with the occasional dubstep breakdown, but the chorus break is a killer of a tune, fuelled with four-on-the-floor electro house elements. My only two issues with the song is her vocals and the bass line; Miliyah’s soft vocals doesn’t exactly deliver strong enough to hold the song’s production together, and the bass line is slightly weak as well. Next track is the remix to her single “Lipstick, which is dazzled with tropical deep house elements that highlights her vocals perfectly.

Overall, its an impressive release by Miliyah that sugar-coats dance genres and production values to keep the song and its delivery fun and poppy. However, certain qualities of the song doesn’t exactly make it flawless; lets just hope the next single manages to work a lot better.


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