Madonna: ‘Confessions on a Dance Floor’ – Album Review


Released: November 11, 2005

After the negative flair of American Life, Madonna decided to put on her dancing heels and groove to a disco beat with Confessions on a Dance Floor. The album, her tenth to be in fact, offers a celebration of past songs, utilizing their lyrical content and musical elements by mixing it up and offering something new. That’s why album opener “Hung Up”, which samples the iconic Abba track “Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Moonlight)”, is at the top of Madonna’s game; its catchy, brilliantly produced, and puts Madonna back into her original state. Following tracks; the glimmering house “Get Together”, and the funky “Burning Up”-esque “Sorry” boils even more hooks and is just as catchy and powerful. More darker club tracks, such as “Future Lovers”, “Let It Will Be”, “Isaac”, and “Like it or Not” offer more elements within the dance genre, expanding Madonna’s horizons and mastering them to perfection.

Some content is slightly personal; she pays an ode to her childhood with the groovy trance rock tune “I Love New York”, the family ties with the agile “Jump”, how she has moved on from negativity and her future with the glossy “How High”, and also references the same track from Bedtime Stories, called “Forbidden Love”. Near the end, we get two Middle Eastern influenced tunes, including the solid dance tune “Push” and the interesting Kallabah influenced hit “Isaac”. Overall, Confessions on a Dance Floor is Madonna’s most fluid album since Ray of Light and could easily be her best straightforward dance album since the 80s.

Track list (Bold means best tracks)

  1. Hung Up
  2. Get Together ~Liam’s favorite~
  3. Sorry
  4. Future Lovers
  5. I Love New York
  6. Let it Will Be
  7. Forbidden Love
  8. Jump
  9. How High
  10. Isaac
  11. Push
  12. Like It or Not


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