Madonna: ‘Music’ – Album Review


Released: September 18, 2000

After Madonna’s album Ray of Light was released in 1998, she didn’t show signs of stopping and prance forward with the cyber-electronica album Music two years later. For this record, she hired Mirwais Ahmadzaï to be the main co-producer, which resulted into an over-40 minute thrill of electronic house music, cyber disco synths, and heavy construction, deconstruction, and experimentation. The title track is a catchy dance hit that, since its 2000 release, still sounds fresh and powerful to this day. “Impressive Instant” is a colliding tech house track that shows of Madonna’s experimentation, whilst “Runaway Lover” is a trance-inspired mixture of the two. She settles down the club sound by focusing on country and folk music, and surprisingly comes of rather well. You get the simple pop tune “I Deserve It”, the psychedelic “Beautiful Stanger” sister track “Amazing”, and the experimental electro tune.

At mid-way point, Madonna delivers her own hoe-down track with “Don’t Tell Me”, which shares a mixture of modern country elements and trip-hop. Trip-hop then surfaces of the album version for the female empowerment anthem “What It Feels like for A Girl”, and the oriental “Paradise (Not for Me)”. The album’s closer is the acoustic pop ballad “Gone”, which is probably one of Madonna’s best stripped down track in a long time. Apart from American editions, you get the corny pop song “American Pie”, and a cyber techno hit “Cybberaga”. Music was the evolving phase of Madonna’s experimentation period, and sure sounds cohesive, fresh, and pretty damn amazing to this day (apart from “American Pie”).


Track list (Bold means best tracks)

  1. Music
  2. Impressive Instant ~Liam’s favorite~
  3. Runaway Lover
  4. I Deserve It
  5. Amazing
  6. Nobody’s Perfect
  7. Don’t Tell Me
  8. What It Feels Like to Be a Girl
  9. Paradise (Not for Me)
  10. Gone
  11. American Pie


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