Namie Amuro: ‘Concentration 20’ – Album Review


Released: July 24, 1997

After a success feat with a pure pop album in the Japanese scene, Namie Amuro decided to dirty up her hands and make an album that really serves up a good mess. But whilst Concentration 20 isn’t as particularly consistent or solid like Sweet 19 Blues, it does offer some solid bangers. This includes the groovy disco “A Walk in the Park”, the ultimate wedding pop song “Can You Celebrate?”, and the slick tune “Me Love Peace!”. Though still quite young, this album still serves flaws within her vocal abilities, and whilst that’s present on many tracks, the producers yet again cover it up with background singers and overproduced tunes.

But Concentration 20 does offers some mixtures of pop, dance, house, rock music, and even reggae to extend more variety within Namie’s artistry. It’s not very often a Japanese singer does this, as many of them (both now and within the past 3 decades) like to stay a bit more grounded and offer the same thing over and over again. But not Namie; she sees and want’s more, and that’s why the diversity of genres in Concentration 20 offer something new and fresh. It may not rank as one of her best offerings throughout her career, but the hits of this album will definitely stand quite high.

Track list (Bold means best tracks)

  1. Concentration 20
  2. B w/z you
  3. Close Your Eyes, Close Your Mind
  4. Me love peace!!
  5. No Communication
  6. A walk in the park ~Liam’s favorite~
  7. To-day
  8. Storm
  9. Whisper
  11. I know…
  12. How to be a girl


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