Namie Amuro: ‘Feel’ – Album Review


Released: July 10, 2013

Feel literally feels like an album that no one thought Namie Amuro would have conceived. I don’t even think Namie Amuro thought about it that well until fully recording it and serving it. This album is something completely outside of the typical Namie mindset; this is full-on EDM, no “it’s influenced by EDM” or “it’s got a bit of EDM”, this is pure EDM. And the leading track, “Alive”, represents the album in whole basically. Not only is the track an electro house masterpiece, but may go down as one of her best tracks ever created; it’s catchy, the buildup is epic, and its delivery is richer than her previous entries. Epic. But as this deliveries, you get a bit of a clearer insight with the following tracks; the light-hearted dubstep “Rainbow”, a happy-go-lucky pop tune “Can You Feel This Love?”, the downtown LA hip-hop dance tunes “Big Boys Cry” and “Hands on Me”, and other fierce entries such as “Poison” and “Supernatural Love”.

Her previous album Uncontrolled welcomed a trend of English-language, and it happens again on nearly six tracks. “Heaven”, another heavy-influenced house song that was produced by Zedd himself, is by far the best track here. It may sound weird, particularly knowing that “Alive” and the album’s strongest and bravest track “Contrail” are top notch, but “Heaven” offers such effortless glam and sugary synths that could have EASILY charted in the US or Europe to be exact. It’s catchy, and insanely fun. Her English language improves massively on the Ska-influenced dance tune “La La La”, which is rich from strong production and rhythmic pacing. But the worst mistake was singing a sloppy piano ballad in English; because her voice is so potent, you hear the flaws. And, it’s not beautiful flaws, it’s bad. Should have been replaced or at least removed. Thankfully, the drum and bass “Stardust in My Eyes” finishes the album perfectly.

Feel is a wholly consistent EDM album that offers such a fantastic offering of strong tunes and rich production. Not only is this her best production since Play, but it’s her most polished effort. It’s good to see an evolution of sound by a Japanese star, because a lot of them would hesitate to even drop the bass or even touch anything westernized in their music. And, even though she’s in the same category as Ayumi Hamasaki and Kumi Koda, neither of them both have developed or went outside their comfort zones musically, offering recycled bullshit that they have been putting out for years. Namie has made a home run, and serves it fiercely on Feel.

Track list (Bold means best tracks)

  1. Alive
  2. Rainbow
  3. Can You Feel This Love
  4. Big Boys Cry
  5. Hands on Me
  6. Heaven ~Liam’s favorite~
  7. Poison
  8. La La La
  9. Supernatural Love
  10. Let Me Let You Go
  11. Contrail ~Liam’s favorite~
  12. Stardust in My Eyes


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