Aira Mitsuki: Lightsaver / Animo / Days / Detective A – Single Reviews


So between March and April, Japan’s technopop starlet Aira Mitsuki released four digital singles; “Lightsaver”, “Animo”, “Days” and “Detective A”. I stumbled against these singles because, as a fan of techno pop, I wanted to look back at the catalogue of Aira Mitsuki and had randomly found out she released four new singles. Below are reviews for each single;

Whether this is a subtle hint for promotion to the Star Wars franchise, or that this is just a randomly thought out title (I mean, look at her discography for frick sakes, it’s riddle with weird titles), this is Aira’s first digital release in a while. The song opens with those signature rubbery synths, but the instrumental break after the verse opening chorus is a bit… umm, spacey? The sound effects are a bit off a throw off to me, and feel like as if they were random additions to the song. The chorus is pretty groovy though, showcasing an element of 80s synthpop and typical J-pop goodness. Overall, it’s a pretty funky track, but it’s nothing close to her better singles prior to this release.


Another Aira Mitsuki single, another weird-ass title. I have no idea what the title suggests, but the song is bomb as hell! This is a return to Aira’s EDM phase, which was generally present through her collaboration album Park of the Safari, with Saoriiiii. It opens with a light yet progressive trance intro, topped off with her digitized vocals. Then the four-on-the-floor drop comes in, focusing on fuzzy synths and heavy bass lines. The overall appeal to the song is very westernized, where it could totally be pulled of a dance label in Europe or the US. Overtime, it does become slightly repetitive, which is a typical trait when it comes to techno pop acts, and sometimes offers the best parts at the start of the song, but in general, it’s pretty solid and catchy as hell.


“Days” was the first offering from Aira. This song reminds me of her music through the Copy phase, but slightly more modern with the addition of subtle electronic synths and instrumentation. She keeps it traditional with the rubbery synths and catchy choruses, all familiar to the techno pop field, but it’s all thanks to Ize Mac (who composed and produced the track). The chorus is bloody catchy and hard-hitting, though at times can be quite repetitive (especially for a song over 4 minutes). And those signature vocals… those freakin’ autotune/vocodered rendered vocals that could make a vocaloid cry (sorry not sorry, Hatsune Miku and friends). They sound great with this song. Overall, it’s one of her better songs she has released in, well, a very long time.


“Detective A”

I’ll be straight up; once I heard “Days”, I forgot to even listen or acknowledge the second track “Detective A”. Man was that wrong decision, because this track is pretty awesome. The introduction is quite anime-esque with delicate synths, but it opens with heavy dubstep drops and drum machines. The instrumental break after the first verse, however, is a bit too much, especially with those hard hitting drums. It kinda ruins the slickness of the song, but I feels like Ize Mac (who also served as producer and composer to this track) added this part as an after-thought. But once the chorus and following verses march through, it’s all sugary and sweet. Overall, it’s a nice addition to her single releases.

Buy the singles now! Link below;


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