Namie Amuro: “Brighter Day” – Single Review


Released: November 12, 2014

Opening the single release is of course the title track, which is a sleek and simple pop tune that utilizes effortless R&B and dance sounds. This is one of Amuro’s most fulfilling anthems, partly due to its soft production and groovy composition (a throwback to her 2003 heyday), but the best assets to the track is her strong vocal delivery. She doesn’t allow the sound or production overtake her voice, but she does make it her own without belting out her heart like Christina Aguilera circa-all the time or changing her voice up all the time like Ayumi Hamasaki; she uses it well, and makes a smashing record with it.

Of course with a ballad comes a dance track, a cabaret-inspired pop tune “Sweet Kisses”. When the track debuted online, it just sounded completely flat. It sure is a fun fluffy track, but it’s nothing interesting or catchy about it. The following track is a piano pop ballad called “Still Lovin’ You”, which literally sounds like it could be a song from some generic R&B star that managed to crack the top 50 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart for the very first time; it’s so recyclable and generic that it barely makes it a Namie track. Sorry but no. Overall, the release of “Brighter Day” is a mixed bag; the title track is by far a superb entry in Namie’s back category, whilst the other two B-sides are bloody forgettable.


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