Namie Amuro: “Hero” – Single Review


Released by July 27, 2016

This is one of Namie’s first tracks recognized outside of Japan, only because it was broadcasted as one of the theme songs for… well, umm, the 2016 Summer Olympics at Rio. That’s some big credibility right there. But on to the tracks. Same old tradition; two new tracks with the instrumental versions, you get the jitz. The title track is by far one of her most triumphant and greatest tracks in her discography, and her first empowerment anthem since the J-pop classic “Contrail” and the acoustic English track “Anything”. The energy she portrays in the track is solid, whilst her vocals shine brighter than the gold medal at the bloody games (more Namie). It’s a charming pop–dance track that builds up the temptation by the second verse, and belts out a wicked performance.

But then comes in a slinky trap-inspired dance track called “Show Me What You’ve Got”, and I felt completely disappointed. Not that it’s a bad track to say, because it’s catchy and fun at times, and has a pretty dope bridge section, but it’s not the most interesting in her back catalogue. But the biggest insult is that it’s next to “Hero”? Like, really? A big pop anthem with some silly fluffy pop… fluff? Like, nope, next. Apart from the skippable moment, “Hero” is a satisfying listen and will raise some goosebumps on your skin. But next time, have a B-side that actually works.


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