Namie Amuro: “Mint” – Single Review


Released on May 18, 2016

When the track leaked in a rather typical small low-quality rip, I was all over it. It was bloody catchy from the moment it started, so when it finally came out, it was like dying and coming back alive. It’s a very fast psychedelic dance-pop track that shows a return to Namie’s fierceness and diva realness (watch out J-pop stars). The chorus is extremely powerful and strong that not even the closest artist in her territory would dare to challenge, whilst keeping it cool and chill with some pretty distinctive vocals. You could be looking at the re-invention of Namie Amuro right now, and maybe we’re just not seeing that. So don’t underestimate her.

Knowing that she’s following a tradition in only recording two tracks now, here we get “Chit Chat”, a funky and rubbery synth-driven house song that chants that belts in a pretty catchy chorus and rhythmic melody. This is a grower track, and doesn’t really settle nicely once you listen to it, but give it a few spins on your iTunes playlist (or Spotify or whatever your into) and it will soon get stuck into your head. Overall, “Mint” is a pretty solid effort made by Namie Amuro and is one of her catchiest releases, so keep an eye out for this.


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