Namie Amuro: “Red Carpet” – Single Review


Released on December 2, 2015

After harbouring an experimentation of pop sounds through the years, it looks like Amuro decided to assert her fierceness and diva realness back to the charts with some up-tempo pop tracks. This time, only two tracks were available on this release; the R&B-tinged title track, and the agile dance song “Black Make-Up”. First up is “Red Carpet”, which was one of the more anticipating releases of the year. Because it was her first single release since her stellar album Genic, I was expecting something within the lines of dance-pop with a little bit of radio-friendly pop and EDM. Instead, we get a more pop tune that fuses R&B and US top 40 quality sounds all belted together. The title track in fact is one of her best releases in a long time; it’s simple, plays safe with the vocals, delivers a strong chorus, and a catchy hook. Nothing but shiny, polished, and brilliant perfection. Head to toe.

“Black Make-Up” is just as bloody good; opening with some funky guitar riffs, you get a fast-paced synth that demonstrates some quick-off the mark vocals by Namie. The entire sound of the track is dance, so you’re going to expect some pretty agile and catchy hooks here. We haven’t really had a dance tune from one of her single releases since “Ballerina” and “Neonlight Lipstick” from her 2014 single “Tsuki”, so this is a refreshing addition to the single. Overall, “Red Carpet” is probably her best release from the entire five maxi-set; it’s simple, catchy, and delivers some pretty top quality tracks that even pop stars from the West would envy for.


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