Namie Amuro: “Tsuki” – Single Review


Released: January 29, 2014

The single was just at the brink of finishing promotion of Amuro-chan’s stellar Feel album, which was some top of the market EDM with that essential sprinkle of pop and J-pop realness. So it’s no surprise to see it further develop on this single release. Opening the single is the title track, which is a glittering J-pop ballad that bares a cross-over with some traditional R&B elements that was made famous back on her 2003 Style album. There’s a similar essence of the track with her oriental pop ballad “Four Seasons” back in 2003, offering some intricate instrumentation and lively beats without making it too emotional or fragile. It’s not the most exciting track from her most recent work, but it’s still a pretty nice track. After the ballad come a Hip-Hop–inspired dance track named “Neonlight Lipstick”, which sounds like re-inventions of her songs “Hands on Me” and “Poision” (they are tracks from her album Feel).

However, unlike the previous two tracks, this party banger feels a bit force within its production and fails to really hit hard on the dance floor. But overall, Namie manages to have fun with the track and showcase her fierceness. The final track is “Ballerina”, which is probably the best track here. Sure it may come off pretty generic inside the EDM realm (knowing it’s actually a sample of the track “Fire Power” by Wolfgang Gartner), but it’s that crowd-pleasing and fist-pumping that no one will actually care, because it’s bloody awesome regardless. The polished production and vain lyrical content blend together nicely whilst showing a rather timid vocal performance by Namie, but knowing its EDM, your vocals are kind of the last thing on anyone’s standards. Overall, “Tsuki” is a nice single release that demonstrates a slick variety of genres all compacted inside EDM.


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