Kylie Minogue: ‘Kylie Minogue’ – Album Review


Kylie Minogue’s fifth studio album, the self-titled record released in 1994, sets nicely into the stage of her career that can be described simply as a mystery. The album’s lead single “Confide in Me” was her first recording to have unleashed a sexually detained and troubling confidence that was in dire need to be put on the map in order to really showcase the true nature of Ms. Kylie Minogue. But after that, much of her music and image didn’t really project much for the pop field, neither was it prompt in contemporary standards either. So, it’s simple enough to say that the 1994 Kylie Minogue is an introduction to a more mature, experimental and interesting period of her career.

This is her first record without 80s masterminds Stock, Aitken and Waterman, the puppet masters behind Kylie’s cheesy yet signature hits such as “I Should Be So Lucky”, “The Loco-Motion”, and “Hand on Your Heart”, to name a few. It’s a very smart move for someone as young as her during the time, considering that she wasn’t much of an Artist from the start (she managed to channel a bit of artistic credibility in her previous album Let’s Get to it). The album, of course, only holds one songwriting credit by Minogue on the track “Automatic Love”, which literally sounds like an entry that could have slipped on the Spice Girl’s hit albums Spice and Spiceworld, but songwriting doesn’t necessarily need to expand on artistic freedom in Minogue’s perspective. It’s the sense of direction, sound and her willingness to be taken serious as an artist that earns bonus points for the album as a whole.

Of course, the dramatic “Confide in Me” explores the perfect sense of creativity; not only is it one of pop’s most effective and deeply captivating tracks during the 1990s, but it’s the fact that Kylie channels the track like she’s been there and done that. Even if they are love songs (something Kylie has been singing about for the past five albums, to be exact), entries like the house-inspired “Where Is the Feeling?”, the trip-hop “Put Yourself in My Place” and slick ballad “Dangerous Game” all work in her favor, especially bringing forth some of Kylie’s biggest and boldest vocals in her career. Likewise, Kylie adds a little bit of contemporary top 40 pop realness in tracks like the new jack swing anthem “If I Was Your Lover” and the sensual “Surrender”, but it’s the album closers: “Where Has the Love Gone?”, “Falling”, and “Time Will Pass You By” that meets a fine line between Kylie’s vocals and charm, and the producers kinks and bolts to make it all fit well.

Overall, Kylie Minogue is a record that works in two favors for Kylie herself; it expresses her long-yearning goal of being taken serious as an artist and allowing to take a bit of control over situations, whilst the record beholds some pretty crafty and fun tracks without sounding too forced or out-of-place. It’s sophisticated yet chic, bold yet playful, and catchy yet thoughtful. A satisfying listen and start to a new phase in her career.

Track list (Bold means best tracks)

  1. Confide in Me ~Liam’s favorite~
  2. Surrender
  3. If I Was Your Lover
  4. Where is The Feeling?
  5. Put Yourself In My Place
  6. Dangerous Game
  7. Automatic Love
  8. Where Has The Love Gone?
  9. Falling
  10. Time Will Pass You By



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