Kylie Minogue: ‘Light Years’ – Album Review


Released: September 25, 2000

Kylie Minogue’s career was in melt-down mode when she released her sublime Impossible Princess, which translated into backlash from critics/public audience, and poor sales. Feeling like there was no way out of it, she decided to move on from her label Deconstruction Records to improve her image and style with British label Parlophone. This move resulted into her strapping on some clear heels, lots of makeup, a cocktail or two, and… oh, those infamous golden hot pants. Kylie Minogue re-invented her image yet again with her 2000 disco-tinged album Light Years, which is her first full-pop return since her Stock, Aikten and Waterman days, but far much better.

The album opened with the insanely fun and disco-ridden anthem “Spinning Around”, accompanied by the synth-driven house track “On a Night Like This”. These two tracks cemented her comeback to pop, mainly because they introduced a new array of pop standards that didn’t grace her records since Rhythm of Love in 1990 (or maybe it was her sex appeal?), the year she decided to really kick in some experimental sounds. The album is covered with disco elements that clearly was in the need to be re-vamped by a modern pop artist, and Kylie’s tracks such as “So Now Goodbye”, “Disco Down”, and “Light Years” served it well. She even gets a bit flirty and sexy with songs “Loveboat” and the cute “Koocachoo” (what?) Kylie writes majority of the album’s content here, which is why “Please Stay”, “Your Disco Needs You”, “Bittersweet Goodbye”, and “Kids” still embody Kylie’s personality without being the main attraction to the record.

However, Light Years still feels a bit flat during the second half, unfortunately drying out the first half to make it impressionable. You’d think that if you had “Spinning Around” and “On a Night Like This” as album openers, you’d expect it throughout the rest of the album. But unfortunately, the second half of the album (apart from the house anthem “Butterfly” and kinky duet with Robbie Williams) doesn’t have enough hooks or catchy moments to make it memorable or as a standout. But I guess that’s what doesn’t makes a single really.

Overall, Light Years is a good direction into Kylie’s foray of intoxicating disco pop with cheeky thrills and lyrical content. Whilst some of the album tracks don’t stand as strong as others, as a whole, they all work cohesively and market Light Years as Kylie’s great return to pop music.

Track list (Bold means best tracks)

  1. Spinning Around ~Liam’s favorite~
  2. On a Night Like This
  3. So Now Goodbye
  4. Disco Down
  5. Loveboat
  6. Koocachoo
  7. Your Disco Needs You
  8. Please Stay
  9. Bittersweet Goodbye
  10. Butterfly
  11. Under the Influence of Love
  12. I’m So High
  13. Kids (feat. Robbie Williams)
  14. Light Years



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