Kumi Koda: ‘Koda Kumi’s Driving Hit’s 1’ – Album Review


Release: March 25, 2009

Never one to shy away from the club scene, it’s hard to believe Japanese pop star, Kumi Koda (or Koda Kumi, whatever fancies you…), released her debut remix album, Driving Hit’s 1, back in late 2009. It’s a bit of a phenomenon for singers of her reign to have released several remix albums, alongside the queen of continuous compilation releases Ayumi Hamasaki. But unlike Ayu, Kumi’s collection seems to be a bit more enjoyable and comfortable without pushing her outside the J-pop sound too much. For example, this remix collection features the hits: “Lady Go!” and “Driving”, two excellent slices of groovy dance rhythms and catchy choruses that easily go down as some of Ms. Koda’s best work. On this record includes subtle and charming entries like the Caramel Pod “Come Over”, the Shohei Matsumoto “Koino Tsubomi”, the House Nation “Cutie Honey”, and Free Tempo’s “Anytime”, to name a few.

But Kumi never shies away from hard and heavy dance beats, including the glamorous World Sketch “Crazy 4 U”, the progressive Prog5 Mirrorball “Butterfly”, or the electro-tastic “Get Up and Move!”, to name a few. Sure, Kumi Koda had found her signature R&B sound overtime that managed to trigger a few responses throughout Japan, but she excels a lot better with hard club sounds, fast backing tracks, and slick production. Driving Hit’s 1 was luckily a new beginning for club Koda, and she sure served this legacy well with future entries.

Track list (Bold means best tracks)

  1. Lady Go!
  2. Come Over (Caramel Pod mix)
  3. Koino Tsubomi (Shohei Matsumoto mix)
  4. Crazy 4 U (World Sketch mix)
  5. Real Emotion (House Nation Sunset in Ibiza mix)
  6. But (Mitomi Tokoto Big Room mix)
  7. Get Up and Move!! (Pink Chameleons mix)
  8. Butterfly (Prog5 Mirrorball mix)
  9. Cutie Honey (House Nation Sunset in Ibiza mix)
  10. Taboo (House Nation Sunset in Ibiza mix)
  11. Run for Your Life (Kaskade mix)
  12. Sora (Yukihiro Fukutomi mix)
  13. Anytime (Free Tempo mix)
  14. Aino Uta (The Standard Club Piano Dance mix)
  15. Color of Soul (DJ Kanbe & Leisure Central mix)
  16. Take (Sunset in Ibiza mix)
  17. Driving ~Liam’s favorite~



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