Kylie Minogue: ‘Fever’ – Album Review


Released: October 1, 2001

After releasing her first Parlophone record, the summery disco collection Light Years, back in September 2000, her second effort with the label, the 2001 album Fever, showcases Kylie in full flight. After pushing some musical and credible boundaries in 1997 (check out my review of Impossible Princess), and digging herself out of the critical and commercial backlash with a sparkling re-invention (check out my review of Light Years), it’s safe to say that Kylie’s biggest, and most safest moment, was in fact Fever.

A minimalistic and slick collection of Europop-influenced dance tracks that paddle around a familiar disco sound she has hooked onto, Fever was a validation of the groovy sound that Kylie fans, both stateside and other areas, were dire to see her move towards. I mean, check out “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”; Kylie’s signature track, and probably one of the most iconic pop hits in recent history. Everything is there, and hits the mark; infectious hooks, simple chorus, and sensual delivery. Oh, and don’t forget that… La, La, La (and on, and on, and on it goes…). Accompanying the track is the utterly catchy house anthem “Love at First Sight”, the club-thumping tracks “In Your Eyes” and “Dancefloor”, and sultry pop hits such as “Love Affair” and “Your Love”.

Majority of the content, here on Fever, primarily relies on what Kylie does best; singing the hooks, and letting the producers know what’s up. Which is why the album’s mellowest, yet timid performances, “Fragile”, “More More More”, and “Give it To Me”, still manage to prove its worthiness for the disco dance floor. “Come Into My World”, her first Grammy-winning single, is an interesting dance number that clocks around with “Come, Come, Come Into My World” like it does with her walking around, and around (and around, and around, and around…) in the accompanying music. Likewise, the lush and simplistic “Burning Up” could have been an awesome single that could catch a listener with the earworm line “I’m Burning Up baby,”.

Overall, Fever is nothing but pop realness. It’s simple chic, and sure delivers it well (I mean, have you looked at the artwork? Pure simplicity to sheer brilliance). It serves a pretty darn good purpose in dance-pop music, essentially letting Kylie be the forefront vocalist she is instead of letting the production or sound smother her, whilst in the process. But there you have it; a perfectly shiny, catchy, straightforward and fulfilling dance record.

Track list (Bold means best track)

  1. More More More
  2. Love at First Sight ~Liam’s favorite~
  3. Can’t Get You Out of My Head
  4. Fever
  5. Give It To Me
  6. Fragile
  7. Come Into My World
  8. In Your Eyes
  9. Dancefloor
  10. Love Affair
  11. Your Love
  12. Burning Up
  13. Tightrope



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