Little Mix: “Shout Out to My Ex” – Single Review


Released: October 16, 2016

I think that any person, whether they’re a fan of Little Mix or just a casual listener (or, if ya harsh, don’t like them at all), could easily predict that a song like “Shout Out to My Ex” would have been on the forefront of upcoming releases by the band. I mean, in all honestly, Little Mix member Perrie Edwards has obviously been a sugary sweet to the tabloids and media due to the split of her fiancé, One Direction member Zayn Malik, whom himself has achieved a notorious success with his solo work and part of the relationship. But of course, in order to push your public persona, attract a bit of musical substance, and get in the right direction of your career, you do a song like “Shout Out to My Ex”, a catchy pop number that is fully coated with acoustic instrumentation like guitar riffs and thumping drum kits.

The first thing I thought of when listening to the track was its extreme familiarity within its sound. Who am I kidding… the chorus has a very familiar riff that was made famous by G.R.L and their recording, “Ugly Heart”, and its delivery seems pretty striking when it sounds like an influence from the musical notes of Hailee Steinfield and Fifth Harmony. Even apart from its comparisons, which to me is quite irrelevant to the review, it seems as the direction the girls are taking is slightly a generic route; the quintessential top 40 acoustics and synths, the “Imma-give-you-some-soul-diva” vocals, and the pretty straightforward lyrics that are an obvious dig at Mr. Malik. Also, the girl’s vocals, during the verses, sound painfully off tune, as if it’s like they are trying to give forceful attitude and fierceness, and stumbles embarrassingly (they do it good in many other tracks, but not this one).

Overall, “Shout Out to My Ex” is a bit off an average pop tune that doesn’t really offer anything exciting or fresh. Yes, it’s a catchy track that brings out some passion and personality, but a lot of their previous tracks, especially the led singles and most recent releases have achieved a more conformable, unique and sparkling shimmer than this one, and has certainly moved forward artistically up until this track.



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