E-Girls: “Pink Champagne” – Single Review


Released: August 10, 2016

E-Girls have always been a musical unit that sizzled gooey lyrics, amusing poppy beats and a polished, cutesy image, but meets a fine line of maturity and effortless glamour and cool chic. Majority of the catalogue emphasizes these traits, but recent entries like the glamorous club cover “Rydeen ~Dance All Night~” and the infectious EDM number “Dance With Me Now” showcases a more mature, adult-ready nature that segregates themselves from their idol counterparts like AKB48 and their bloody sub-groups (even if E-Girls’ isn’t really an idol product…). Continuing their growth is “Pink Champagne”, the group’s August single that celebrates fun, enjoyment, and a bit of… pink champagne (duhh).

On protocol (as far as I know), the singers on the track are leader Aya, Ami, Shizuka, Karen, Ruri, Yuzunbe, and Reina, whom are basically the only recording artists in the group with the rest serving as performers. This isn’t really a surprise, considering that’s what E-Girls does. Even though the girls change up vocals here and there, and push themselves to the front, neither of their vocals are particularly that exciting or memorable. “Pink Champagne” could have been an entry to offer some new vocalists from the group to shed some of their juice onto the single, but alas, that doesn’t break through. Nevertheless, they perform well (check out the video whilst you’re at it).

“Pink Champagne” is a glorious dance number that hints a bit of Europop, 90s house music, and even a tinge of tropical house. What’s likable about the track is that, unlike most of their work, it doesn’t exactly dwell on your typical J-Pop sound. In fact, it’s quite anti-J-Pop that it could easily slip into a track from some Western pop artist. The song includes the infectious “Pink, pink, pink champagne” hook, and grooves into a banging chorus with some groovy composition. Along with the release of “Pink Champagne” are two B-side tracks; the insanely dope “Bad Girls” and the techno banger “Cowboy Rhapsody”. Both recordings are rendered finely to the E-girls discography, with the former being quite loud and boisterous, and the latter having an exciting blend of fast-pace EDM sounds with folk instrumentation.

With a career spanning nearly over half-a-decade since “Pink Champagne”, it definitely is one of the group’s biggest and boldest moments. It’s an infectious number that easily sets up party lights, breaking out some crazy moves and even getting a bit dirty… fashionably dirty. As a development from their previous work, “Pink Champagne” is a smash of a hit that could easily slip into the top 2016 J-Pop tracks (even though it’s not really J-Pop, but I’ll leave it there…).


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