E-girls: “Go! Go! Let’s Go!” – Single Review



Released: November 30, 2016

“Aren’t You ready, ready, ready, ready, to go there with me?”, is the opening line for E-girls brand new single “Go! Go! Let’s Go!”, which is due to appear on their upcoming studio album, E.G. Crazy. A couple months after the spectacular release “Pink Champagne”, which was a delicious blend of tropical house and funky EDM music, the 20+ member musical unit decide to amp the volume, switch on the electric guitars and rock out with this new single, which also carries on their E.G. “Cool” concept. The sound has slick guitar riffs, a touch of sugary synths here and there, and also chops it down to tinge of hip-hop realness during the pre-chorus where the girls deliver more collective and thicker vocal performances than their last releases.

At first, I wasn’t a fan of the track, considering that the overall delivery wasn’t as strong or polished than “Pink Champagne”, but after a few spins, it’s actually an above-decent catchy number. The chorus is incredibly slick, has the right amount of hooks are there and the group’s vocals just get better and better by the second. But one thing to check out is the dope music video, where it showcases the members in a variety of Japanese-inspired fashions, including a biker-like get-up, an ode to Ganguro, a bit of school-girl otaku, some banging warrior-esque kimonos, kawaii-realness and Lolita-styles. Ugghhhhhh, the envy… it’s running… through… my… body!

Another noteworthy moment is the ska-influenced B-side track “Bon Voyage”, which also incorporates some tropical house elements to keep it summery and refreshing (ahhhh, perfect for the summer time back here in New Zealand). Overall, the material from E-girls just keeps getting better after each single release… and “Go! Go! Let’s Go!” showcases their growth as image and music-based artists. If they keep it up, they could potentially become another J-pop phenomenon… so, move out the way AKB48 (and there sister, sister, brother, sister groups… ehhh you get the point), another girl group are in town. GET EM!




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