E-girls: ‘Colorful Pop’ – Album Review


Released: March 19, 2014

Picking up their colorful frills and outfits from the previous year, you can tell LDH—the groups management team—really pimped them out with a sophisticated look, with your casual twist of K-pop twists. Now, now… don’t throw shade cause I mentioned a comparison of K-pop the group, but it’s hardly inexcusable to notice that Colorful Pop grows with a lot more universal inspiration than their debut. Numbers like the re-vamped dance Yellow Magic Orchestra cover “Rydeen (Dance All Night)”, S-Club 7-esque “Gomenasai no Kissing You” and pop ballad “Sayonara” are obvious mentions that borrow elements from various music styles from overseas and managed to execute the appeal quite finely.

But as for it being an anticipating big pop album, Colorful Pop fails to really capture its entire namesake… aka, the shitty ballad songs that really kill the mood. The soppy ballad “Mirai E” should have been left out. I mean, gurl? It’s a really nice ballad, but you already have a more mid-tempo ballad in the middle and just dumb down the mood even more? Not good enough gurls, not good enough… should off just been a B-side *sassiness rises*. No shade, but “Chewing Gum” sounds cheap, whilst “Winter Love ~Ai no Okurimono~” is filler alert. And while the “rock” version of 2013 hit “Follow Me” is slightly tedious, it still elevates the record to more fun and happy-go-happy levels.

But forget about all those shin-dig moments, the best moments are when E-girls know how to sell a blend of fixated J-pop frills with some contemporary flavors. With “Rydeen”, “Fancy Baby” and “Gomenasai no Kissing You” up there, with the elaborate mentions of the infectious disco-anthem “Koi no Boogie Woogie Train” and stylish “Diamond Only”, my absolute favorite is “A.S.A.P”, a solid-as-hell party banger that you can listen in the car, listen while cleaning the house, having it soar your eardrums as your alarm when you get up in the morning… shit, you could spin this anywhere!

By the time you register this record after just listening and listening, you can easily see the improvement Colorful Pop has had since their debut (which was merely a year since their two releases). This record boasts a massive explosion of tunes and sounds that showcases a diverse set of moments for the 29-member group of girls, and to even more frill, Colorful Pop is an exceptional pop collection to have in any time of the year… and I mean that too!

Track list (Bold means best tracks):

  1. Rydeen (Dance All Night)
  2. Gomenasai no Kissing You
  3. Diamond Only
  4. A.S.A.P. ~Liam’s favorite~
  5. Fancy Baby
  6. Sayonara
  7. Mirai E
  8. Chewing Gum
  9. Kurukuru
  10. I Heard a Rumour (Uwasai Wassup!)
  11. Koi no Boogie Woogie Train
  12. Winter Love (Ai no Okurimono)
  13. Yasusoku no Basho
  14. Follow Me (Rock Version)



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