E-girls: ‘Lesson 1’ – Album Review


Released: April 17, 2013

Way before their transition to a sexy, mature and fierce J-pop unit, there was Lesson 1. Yes, the inevitable debut record by E-girls that hosts some of their iconic hits. Of course, I’m no sucker to over-the-top, insanely sugary J-pop numbers that are sung in unison and bargain an extremely nauseating infection of Kawaii-culture and fashions (no shade Ms. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu). But with E-girls, the material here is actually quite enjoyable and, to some point, listenable.

The opening hit is the electro-pop anthem “Follow Me”, which was the high-rider of the girl’s success. I never really liked the single at first, but within a few more spins, it will honestly stick to you like a rash (in a good way). But the girls even amp the Kawaii-realness even higher with the sweet number “Candy Smile”, which literately sounds like it could have been a banger from any AKB48 record (or their sister acts, which ever once fits the seifuku tightly and well).

The rest of the album really follows the same format; “One Two Three” is a juvenile sparkly number, a rubbery funk sound in “Ready Go” and a stylish synth throughout “Just In Love”. One pointer to note here though is the more low-tempo moments, such as the R&B-infused “Loving Bell” and the love song “Tadaima”. I found that these tracks actually suited the record well, giving it a more diverse sound rather than staying quite monotonous.

By then though, majority of the other tracks weren’t as memorable or close to the same formula as the ballads and singles. And at times, the girls vocals and image are sooooooooooooo anonymous that you couldn’t even tell if it were grown-ass woman singing this album or teeny bopping 13-year olds who are trying to make their break into the J-Pop market (no T no shade). But nevertheless, Lesson 1 is enjoyable while it lasts. In my notebook, it’s pretty tolerable and fun.

Track list (Bold means Best Tracks):

  1. Follow Me ~Liam’s favorite~
  2. Candy Smile
  3. Loving Bell
  4. One Two Free
  5. Ready Go
  6. Shiny Girls
  7. Take It Easy
  8. Love Letter
  9. Suki Desuka?
  10. Just In Love
  11. Celebration!
  12. Himawari
  13. Tadaima
  14. The Never Ending Story



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