Ed Sheeran: “Shape of You” & “Castle on the Hill” – Single Review


Released: January 6, 2017

Everybody’s favourite ginger musician, Ed Sheeran, has come out of the hiding and released two new tracks. Yup I know gurls and boyz, this is a music emergency; because these new tracks are on fire. The English artist has teased some new music from his upcoming studio album, and this time round, Mr. Sheeran has turned to a bit of tropical and heavy-folk inspired sounds for the new numbers. So, let’s give it more of an analysis.

The first of the two is “Shape of You”, a shiny yet thin execution of 2016’s most favoured music genre: tropical house. Yes I know y’all, you wouldn’t think that someone like Ed Sheeran would make a hit that would part-take in the adaption of a genre like tropical house. But do not be alarmed people, because this track is pretty remarkable. It’s a very soothing composition and doesn’t attribute all the additional bass-lines and beats in your typical tropical sound, but you could even hear a bit of calypso and ska-influences here. Gosh it looks like Ed has certainly been in touch with some foreign cultures during his hiatus, but what’s pretty cool is the English musician’s ability to really unravel his experimental side when delivering the sound, and that’s what makes the song dope and well-executed.

The second of the two songs is “Castle on the Hill”. Like the former track, this is a bit off a difference to the singer’s past discography as it boasts an agile-folk twist to make it quite uptempo. No shade to Mr. Sheeran, but I honestly thought it sounded like some song from Mumford & Suns or from some other indie-marketed band in the late 2010s as the instrumentation of acoustic guitars, heavy drum beats literally got me thinking “haven’t I heard this before?” But having said this, the singer sure belted some stellar vocals with this track and delivers a sublime performance in this track too. Gosh, y’all musicians better watch ya booties because our favorite ginger is back, and he’s ready to race ya to the top of the charts! (not to say that’s the point of course, but hey… if the shoes fit).



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