E-girls: ‘E.G. Crazy’ (pt. 1) – Album Review


Released: January 18, 2017

E-girls have been a busy bunch these past couple of years. Throwing singles everywhere like a two-for-one special, the gorgeous group of chicks have managed to come full circle with their fourth studio release E.G. Crazy. But of two-for-one specials, E.G. Crazy isn’t just one album… it’s in fact two! That’s right, the hit-makers at LDH have decided to really expand the girls by releasing two newly recorded albums into one complete packaging. A bargain right? So, it’s only fair to review each disc fairly instead of literally collecting a bunch of my paragraphs and sentences into one article, so, I’m doing a “one-by-one” review.

For the first offering, the girls return to their cutesy and poppiness with the E.G. Pop disc, which is an album that emphasizes pure J-Pop. Yes I know, you’d think an intoxicating abundance of J-Pop frills would be enough to give you a pulsing headache, but EHHHH, wrong! Some of the disc is actually quite contemporary and refreshing. For me, the best moments are when the girls go really over-the-top frilly, such as the dubstep-influenced “E.G. Summer Rider”, the punkish “Strawberry Sadistic”, or the festive bopper “Merry x Merry Xmas” and the summery EDM number “Party in the Sun”.

The album also hosts two hots numbers that had me on the floor dying of fierceness… like literally. The first of them is “Harajuku Time Bomb”, an explosive (no pun intended) mix of synthesizers and rock-like riffs that sound like a huge anthematic hit! It’s a really blood-rushing number that will eventually infect your ears with Kawaii-realness. Then once I heard the second new song “Fascination”, I was gone. This song is PURE… FIRE. The summery disco number is probably one of the best songs I have heard from E-girls in a long time, and what I think is interesting is the band’s ability to keep their signature J-pop sound but add a little spice of disco riffs and synths that have managed to grace the efforts of many Western musicians, which only adds bonus points to the group.

But as mention above, I said that “Some of the disc is actually quite contemporary and refreshing”… this literally implied to some songs, cause the next batch I will be throwing shade. To me, the… well, ‘Christmas’ song “White Angel”, and “Anniversary!!” aren’t really worth listening to over and over. I felt that they were the fillers here. Same goes to “Saturday Night”, which sounds like a Perfume and AKB48 rip-off. But the album closer, “Love, Dream and Happiness” is just pure crap. Like girls, what the hell? Fortunately some other track aren’t as bad, such as the lovely “Shukko Sa! Sail Out For Someone” and boppy “Kikai Shikake no Bye Bye!”, but if your wanting a miracle, then don’t invest 100% into these numbers.

Even with the flaws, the E.G. Pop disc of E.G. Crazy is pretty catchy and tolerable to be induced by. The girls still put in a strong punching power in majority of the disc and comes off quite fierce AND adorable. It’s not at striking or as memorable as the E.G. Cool disc, but E.G. Pop has the quirk and originality to push the girls further within J-pop history. So catch them while you guys can!

Check out Part two of my review, where I listen and look at the second disc, E.G. Cool.

Track list (Bold means best tracks):

  1. Anniversary!!
  2. E.G. Summer Rider
  3. Saturday Night ~Rock na Yoru ni Mahou wo Kakete~
  4. HARAJUKU TIME BOMB ~Liam’s favorite~
  5. White Angel
  6. Merry x Merry Xmas
  7. Party in the Sun
  8. Fascination ~Liam’s favorite~
  9. Kikai Shikake no Bye Bye!
  10. STRAWBERRY Sadistic
  11. Shukko Sa! 〜Sail Out For Someone〜
  12. Love, Dream and Happiness



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