E-girls: ‘E.G. Crazy’ (pt. 2) – Album Review


Released: January 18, 2017

E-girls have been a busy bunch these past couple of years. Throwing singles everywhere like a two-for-one special, the gorgeous group of chicks have managed to come full circle with their fourth studio release E.G. Crazy. But of two-for-one specials, E.G. Crazy isn’t just one album… it’s in fact two! That’s right, the hit-makers at LDH have decided to really expand the girls by releasing two newly recorded albums into one complete packaging. A bargain right? So, it’s only fair to review each disc fairly instead of literally collecting a bunch of my paragraphs and sentences into one article, so, I’m doing a “one-by-one” review.

For the second disc, the girls have stripped off their frilly frocks for a bunch of fierce, sexy and glamorous bunch of clothes, make-up and high-heels. To be honest, this was the disc that really made me anticipate for this record as majority of their more mature have been… ummm, ABSOLUTE BANGERS. But what I found more enjoyable about this disc is that it showcases a lot more diverse routes for the girls, whether it’s to do with sound, vocals or performing. They’ve put in the hard miles, and it’s all paid off here on E.G. Cool. The most notable move here is their infusion of underground EDM; “Hey! You!” is a skimpy house number with some electrifying guitar sections, while “Express (Do Your Dance)” and “Bad Girls” are solid club bangers that showcase a little fierceness in their sound. At points, you can see E-girls still endure into their traditional J-pop sound, such as the girly anthem “All Day Long Lady” and “Bon Voyage”. At first, they weren’t my most immediate songs to jam out to, but they’ve grown on me ever since. And even the punk edges and riffs of “Go! Go! Let’s Go!”, the jazzy “Dance Dance Dance” and new recording “CautioN” sound a bit more influenced by the K-Pop wave.

But for me, there are three major songs that literally made yell “hallelujah!” The club-hit “Pink Champagne” was a born-ready hit; it’s an intoxicating blend of tropical disco music with a very refreshing ambient sound of bubbles and effective vocal deliveries from the girls. Another club anthem worth noting is the dance-ready “Dance With Me Now!”, which literally put me on fire with their fierce dance moves in the accompanying visual. Like gurls and boyz, I’m shook! But if there is one track that swoop me off my feet, it’s “Cowgirl Rhapsody”. I mean, forget about the “Bohemian Rhapsody”, E-girl’s techno-influenced number is where it’s at, period! (no shade to Queen, because their song is bomb as hell, and basically art). I mean, the echoing chorus sections, the fierce deliveries and the insanely infectious hook? This is fire. Pure, burning, heated, fire.

But having said this, there were some moments on E.G. Cool that left me a bit unsure. “Boom Boom Christmas” is in fact a sample of a familiar uniform dance that was performed by the performing members from E-girls, and boasts a killer EDM-infatuated sound that would keep me awake on the dance floor. Fast-forwarding it to late 2015 and penetrated as a B-side, “Boom Boom Christmas” is just weird. It’s not even listenable or, to an extent, a Christmas song for crying out loud. After during some first-impression listens, songs like “Hey! You”, “Go! Go! Let’s Go” and “Express (Do Your Dance)” didn’t really give me chills or goosebumps… they made me frown a bit. They’re weren’t exactly bad, but it wasn’t a groundbreaking or interesting moment for the girls.

But apart from that, the highlight of E.G. Crazy is in fact E.G. Cool. The material maybe a bit scattered, but the hard work and deliveries by the girls have paid off here. The visuals and choreography by the performing members have become a lot harder, agile and cohesive since their debut, and the entire setout of the music videos and sounds are far more dynamic and impressive. If there is any Japanese album to look at this year, I would definitely wave my hand to this album. It’s dope from start to finish!

Check out the first part of my review, where I’m listening and talking about the first disc, E.G. Pop.

Track list (Bold means best tracks)

  1. All Day Long Lady
  2. Pink Champagne
  3. Hey! You!
  4. CautioN
  5. Boom Boom Christmas (feat. Dream)
  6. Express -Do Your Dance- (feat. Dream)
  7. Dance Dance Dance
  8. Bad Girls
  9. Cowgirl Rhapsody ~Liam’s favorite~
  10. DANCE WITH ME NOW! ~Liam’s favorite~
  11. Bon Voyage!
  12. Go! Go! Let’s Go!



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