Utada Hikaru oozes elegance and heartbreak with rapper KOHH in new video ‘Boukyaku’


Since Utada Hikaru’s classic comeback Fantome hit the shelves in October 2016, the entire J-pop world (crap, even the Western world was shook) were caught off guard by the brilliance of the artist’s new direction of music. One of the highlights was the scorning number “Boukyaku”, which features rapper KOHH. And now, the J-pop queen has released it’s new music video!

It has the singer and rapper in a dark-lit room, circulated by a LED light with various digital effects. Occasionally, particularly in the intro, we see a very sci-fi-like combination of biological enzymes and organisms that are penetrate with a variety of warm and cold colours (I ain’t even gonna try and name what the hell they are cause I’ll probably get it wrong). During the choruses though, the clip get a little more intense by the jittering and blurring effects that only makes it more mystical and serious. And can we talk about how attractively on-fleek Utada looks! So pretty and subtle (KOHH looks real stylish in the vid as well!)

Man, the duo sure made a music emergency when they released this touching experimental anthem, and they’ve only just made me love it even more with this video. As mentioned, the single was taken from the singers album Fantome, which has scored first placed on various Japanese charts, and even some international markets. As of January 2017, the record has already boasted over 625,000 copies in Japan, and achieving nearly 50,000 digital scores! All hail Queen Utada!

Check out the video here!


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