Perfume drops (or rises?) their new music video for their single “Tokyo Girl”


One of Japan’s biggest girl groups, Perfume, have dropped their new music video “Tokyo Girl” on YouTube… or “rise” a new video? Cause… the video has them going up on an elevator? (Nah… damn).

The visual showcases the girls on a glass-like elevator as they travel towards the top of an enormous skyscraper, whilst watching a whole heap of on-goers running towards the building with a prism-like object in their hands, that so happens to magically light up when they see them (ooooohhhhh, pretty). Whilst I love the close-up and shots within the actual elevator itself, which only brings out a sophisticated image to the group, the rest of the video is disappointing. It isn’t as thrilling as their previous work and, god forbid, the commercial clip to the single’s B-side “Houseki no Ame” seems a lot more entertaining… and that’s saying something.

And as for the song itself? Gurl, no…next. I’m sorry, I usually get excited for the maxi-releases of a Perfume single, but I didn’t feel the essence like I did pre-Cosmic Explorer days. The singles from the aforementioned album—apart from the absolute kawaii-bangers “Flash” and “Next Stage With You—were just crap. So many other great numbers could’ve replaced a bunch of these. A lot of their sound and appeal— nearly SEVEN ALBUMS IN—have just become quite monotonous now, and whilst I still manage to enjoy them in any high-or-low sense, there most recent work has just been uninteresting—apart from the b-side of THIS single of course.

Mr. Yasutaka Nakata—who, after seven albums, has ALSO made this single—seriously needs a reboot in my opinion. Love his poppin’ club-like work, with the spiciness of technopop, but come on… we need to get a bit more innovative here (No shade, no shade). But until then, check out the video below:



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