E-girls’ sub-unit SudannaYuzuYully get all hip, colorful and fierce in new music video ‘Oh Boy’

Y’all Japanese hip-hop fanatics out there—with a dash of kawaii-realness—better lace up ya Timberlands and tie up your wacky cute hairstyles… Cause SudannaYuzuYully gon’ rip you to shreds with their new music video “Oh Boy”.

Despite announcing it back in November 2016—and with the recent release of E.G. Crazy and the Happiness’ single “Rewind” on the broad of its distribution this week—the new music video to “Oh Boy” gets funky and colorful as the girls are featured in several rooms filled with graffiti, back-up dancers and a DJ, lots of animation, and… an inflatable baby? Ehhh, I don’t know. I was quite excited about this release to be honest; the preview sounded dope as hell, and finally listening to the full version is even MORE dope! BUUUUUUUUTTTTTTT, it’s not exactly as big as I had imagined it to be; the production is a little timid for a big debut, and the sound gets a bit dull over-time. But I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt since it’s the first single, and that all three babe’s are looking ON FLEEK! Nevertheless, it’s catchy as hell and the girls vocals shine real well here! Here’s to more SudannaYuzuYully! Yass queens!

The band, which consists of Happiness’ Anna Suda and Yurino, and sole E-girls member Yuzuna Takebe, have little achievements with this banging number; It is in fact Suda’s and Yurino’s debut single as vocalists/rappers—making them the third and fourth members after Ruri Kawamoto from Happiness, and Shuuka Fujii from Flower, to be promoted and provide vocals on any inside-outside project of E-girls—whilst Takebe’s role in the group leads her into the category of finally being in a sub-group away from E-girls (leaving poor Anna Ishii and Nonoka Yamaguchi on the side with not being included in a sub-group… YET!) Backing it up a bit; SudannaYuzuYully (スダンナユズユリー) is the third side-project from the E-girls legacy, having already established the bands Dream, Flower and Happiness well before E-girls’ time. Additionally, two more units have been promoted; ShuuKaren, which features sisters Karen (Happiness) and Shuuka Fujii (Flower), and Twin Towers, a modelling duo that consists of Harumi Sato (Flower) and Kaede (Happiness).

“Oh Boy” is on sale via various Japanese retail stores on March 1, 2017.


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