Kylie Minogue signs new record deal, and will bring new album out for 2017!


After a rather disappointing start to the new year—splitting from her ex-fiancee Joshua Sasse for some ridiculous sleazy behaviour, sounds like it—Ms. Kylie Minogue will be showing off that golden smile (and maybe famous behind?) in 2017, as she has announced she has signed to a new record label and will released her highly-anticipated studio record too! Yes everyone, dance raves ahead!

The Australian Queen of Pop has announced that she signed a new record deal with BMG, after departing with Parlophone in 2016, with her final serving being the re-release of her Christmas album Kylie Christmas: The Snow Queen Edition. This was also part of a little label war, as it was rumored that she had been offered a contract with Universal music as well, but of course, that didn’t fluctuate. She took to twitter on February 3 announcing the news, and according to the most recent BMG president Alexi Cory-Smith, she said “We want to make a great, big, classic Kylie pop record.” Yuss, hopefully this comes true!

Additionally, the singers 13th studio album, which is still in production and has yet to commence a lead single or promotional recording, will be indeed released within 2017, and will have Ms. Minogue “put her heart and soul” in the project. Furthermore, a tour is also on the table, so hopefully she gets to travel around the world this time! All aboard the Kylie express, cause it looks like she’s gonna have a big re-invention with this effort! Go Kylie!


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