Zara Larrson: ‘So Good’ – Album Review


Released: March 17, 2017

Confident Swedish songstress Zara Larsson has moped the floor—and swept the mess of some tracks—in 2016 with her flawless electronic-influence BANGERS, and marches on as a force to be reckon with. And her latest record, So Good, keeps her fire burning bright and sizzling hot. The exciting elements about Ms. Larsson’s work is that her single choices are well-executed, and often well-produced, that there isn’t really any more room for improvement. “Lush Life”, a sultry deep house anthem, ignited her status back in 2015 (even though majority of 2015 and 2016’s music was bloody house music *sigh*), and further singles like “Never Forget You”—a collaboration with MNEK—and “Ain’t My Fault” kept her at the top. Lord, these tracks are that F-ing good, I TELL YOU WITH HONESTY.COM. My favourite though is “Ain’t My Fault”, a sassy-as-F R&B tune that honestly screams number one. Period.

The best decision on So Good is the singer’s expansion within the quintessential deep house and tropical silhouette, which is played well with the opening song (aka FIRE-as-hell track) “What They Say”, the summery and breezy “TG4M” and the catchy-as-hell “Sundown” which features Wizkid. “Funeral” also channels a confessional set of lyrics, but is present underneath… TADA! Deep electronic music, which confidently highlights her vocals. THEN SHOCKER! The songstress also presents one soft ballad, the vulnerable and romantic “I Can’t Fall In Love Without You”, which is one of the closing numbers to the record. It’s a nice change to the singer’s appeal, and demonstrates her versatility as a musician.

Unfortunately, So Good is riddle with other moments that aren’t particularly special. From “Sundown” onwards, Zara gets a little lost within some compositions to the point where it’s the typical scenario; “heard that before”. Because frankly, the other songs sound too familiar and unoriginal. “Don’t Let Me Be Yours” literally sounds like it could be an off-cut to a Rihanna or Alessia Cara album, and gurl, that’s no shade… it’s all real. Plus, it’s a little weak and doesn’t represent the second half well. Same goes to the timid “Make That Money Girl”and the Clean Bandit collaboration “Symphony”, which bears some pretty cheesy songwriting and recycled beats. And while “One Mississippi” is a little boring at times, the sound is pretty haunting and experimental within its sound, which gets brownie points for changing up the second half.

All in all, So Good is a decent collection of catchy pop fluff and danceable tunes. I really enjoyed the single’s from the record cause they are jams to shake ya B.O.O.T.A.Y to. Likewise, I found the production to be pretty crisp and fresh until it reaches the second half of the album, where it’s a little dull and underwhelming. Zara Larsson will only need to emphasize a more cohesive package for the future, but apart from the second half, enjoy the time with So Good, cause there are some moments that are F-ing awesome. I can tell you that!

Track list (Bold means best tracks):

  1. What They Say
  2. Lush Life
  3. I Would Like
  4. So Good (Ty Dolla $ign)
  5. TG4M
  6. Only You
  7. Never Forget You (feat. MNEK)
  8. Sundown (feat. Wizkid)
  9. Don’t Let Me Be Yours
  10. Make That Money Girl
  11. Ain’t My Fault ~Liam’s favourite~
  12. One Mississippi
  13. Funeral
  14. I Can’t Fall In Love Without You
  15. Symphony (feat. Clean Bandit)



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