Boku no lyric bouyomi: “Be Noble” – Single Review


Released: March 8, 2017

Now here’s a stage name. Japanese rapper and vocalist Boku no lyric bouyomi (don’t ask me for the translation cuz I know squat…) has been around for a while, boasting out some hits as an undisclosed utaite singer on good ol’ social media. It seems to be a thing for many J-pop artist these days, but unlike many, Boku no lyric bouyomi decided to spread his wings, fly up to the skies and unveil himself to the world with a new, progressive turn in his music. He debuted back in 2015 with a bunch of semi-notable tracks, but his most recent single—the gentle “Be Noble”—is a glorious attraction… and y’all needa check this out!

Think of it like this; his music is like a mystical trip through some weird-as-F forbidden forests, blended with some chirpy elemental electronics in the background and an ambience of rapping and vocal deliveries (or, to say the least, an experimental take on R&B-electronica). His vocals are very unique too; it’s very much a subtle delivery but with a soul and classical twist to it, which to a degree, is one dope combination. Now, elevate that with some Bjork-ish synths and drum ‘n’ bass jams, and you get “Be Noble”. Sounds pretty simple ehh?

To be honest, “Be Noble” is very strong… and that’s a fact. Taken as the lead single from his record Noah’s Ark, it really opens the record in fine quality and doesn’t stand out too much to the point where it’s one of those “only-songs-you-listen-too-but-you-bought-the-album-anyways” type of scenarios. But what I enjoyed about the track is how everything merges into a cohesive and well-executed piece; his vocals are presented well above the delicate composition, but even the electronic sound is hypnotic alone. Damn, it’s giving me some nostalgic realness up in here y’all! Another thing I liked was the involvement of more experimental yet contemporary genres such as drum ‘n’ bass and breakbeat sounds, which only gives it the additional oomph. But the only bum note was the key shift when it hits the final chorus; Like boi, what? I was boppin’ to this until the key got higher… ughhh, typical for a J-pop entry unfortunately (no shade though…)

But apart from that, “Be Noble” is beyond amazing! The sound is exotically hypnotizing and catchy in parts, but the overall presentation is what steals the show. The trippy synths and breezy deliveries keep the rapper’s sound very trendy yet distinctive, and hopefully with his future music, he follows a similar trait (that’s my opinion, cause I love these type of jams). This dude better hold on tight, cause it’s gonna be one hell of a ride… and you can see it’s gonna be a good one! Get ’em BOI!



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