RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9: “Oh My Gaga!” – TV Show Review on Looks


I’ve started to watch the numerous god-knows-how-many seasons of the infamous RuPaul’s Drag Race show for some artistic inspiration between my work at University for my art and design course, but I was recommended by a friend to review the first episode and looks of season 9 (okay see, season 9… LOT’s of seasons). And I’m a tell ya, it’s a guilty pleasure! I’m not really going to get into in-depth detail about the antics, the behind-the-scenes and the S.H.A.D.E. of each queen yet, primarily because it’s only a special episode where it focuses on the looks (which I live for), but who knows, I could review next weeks episode… and the next… and the next. But having said that, this episode—which premieres every Friday eastern time on VH1—has a challenge that is created into two categories; creating drag looks inspired by where each queen is from, and Lady Gaga inspired looks (oohhhhhhhhh, Gaga looks). And won’t you look at that? The talented diva is on the show too! But skipping these moments, lets discuss the looks by each queen… in alphabetical order of course.




  • Entrance look: I love me some streets of Tokyo and boujee get-up, so her entrance was dope! Loved the material she used on the dress and came off quite well, even though the make-up was a lil’ dry-ish (no shade). ~TOOT~
  • Where I’m From look: I enjoyed the turquoise colour she had done for her Status of Liberty-esque outfit, completed with a random orange wig that popped some colour, but I felt it could have been bigger or bolder! To me, it was a safe construction and execution. ~TOOT~
  • Lady Gaga look: This was a completely out-of-the-box type of moment, and I felt she did it amazingly!!! It’s an eccentric size and dons a marvellous colour too, and she got the wig right gurl! ~TOOT~

Alexis Michelle

  • Entrance look: Mehhhhh is probably the word I would say. The colour is gorgeous and I like the sequin-shimmer that was planted all over the body suit she wore, but the fitting was a little weird to me. She’s a curvy queen, and she rocks them well, but not in this outfit. ~BOOT~
  • Where I’m From look: Yeah if anything, I felt this was a stinker. Don’t get me wrong, I loved that she channelled her inner political realness by serving some social issues that were in need of being layed out on the table for pop culture television (lol get it? Her premiere look? Table?), but I felt it needed a more thorough execution because I got bored of it. Plus, Ms. Michelle Visage said it formally; you can’t read the words on her look! ~BOOT~
  • Lady Gaga: One word; stunning. ~TOOT~

Charlie Hides

  • Entrance look: Charlie Hides has got that typical vintage pop arty type of style that really gives it a humour-based appeal, and I loved the F-ing ginormous shades she had around her neck! Very useful for some light reading… ~TOOT~
  • Where I’m From look: I actually liked the concept of the dress (or whatever they call it). She’s from Boston, so the thinking process was well-delivered and the silhouette was amazing as well, but when she unravelled the skirt to show some basic-ass heels and tights, I was underwhelmed. NEEDED MORE! ~BOOT~
  • Lady Gaga look: I found this look boring at one part, but the decision to pick one of Lady Gaga’s more iconic looks was perfect! But I wish there was a pop of Charlie there… maybe with a bright red lip? Crazy eye make-up? Just something to balance it out. ~TOOT~

Eureka O’Hara

  • Entrance look: I liked this look; it gives me a “I’m cooking some bakery-crap for my man” type of look, completed with old-mother sized earrings and classy jewellery and shoes. Spot on ma’am! ~TOOT~
  • Where I’m From look: I actually loved the concept here too! I like a queen who can take the complete piss out of her own upbringing or stories but still can be quite serious about her roles and also execute her looks in fine order! This country-swinging mess of a look? GENIUS! ~TOOT~
  • Lady Gaga look: Fierce, well-created and amazing! ~TOOT~

Farrah Moan

  • Entrance look: Gorgeous queen, don’t get me wrong, but the look was just an “ugghhh” moment. No silhouette, the chains on the dress were boring, and the visible panties? Next… ~BOOT~
  • Where I’m From look: I actually really liked this look a lot! I felt it was completely mis-understood by the judges as I felt it was well-crafted and very colorful, though I do feel it should have been a lot more showgirly rather than something covered (no shade, just stating…). ~TOOT~
  • Lady Gaga look: Like what the judges said; I really enjoyed the entire concept and the make-up was sublime, but there really should have been a reveal! It would have balanced the entire look out because I was getting the anti-Vegas thing from her. Love that she’s stepping outside of her typical routine, but sometimes its good to incorporate the basics. ~BOOT~

Jaymes Mansfield

  • Entrance look: I didn’t mind the dress at first cause it suited the queen, but it wasn’t anything spectacular. Just simple pimple! ~TOOT~
  • Where I’m From look: She’s a Milwaukee girl, so the concept for her was open from the fields to the hills, but she just didn’t hit hard enough! The country-cow idea was something refreshing and little more cooler than the rest, but the entire construction was boring. ~BOOT~
  • Lady Gaga look: Whilst I did think the purple dress she wore for Lady Gaga’s iconic Vogue cover was pretty decent and pretty, the hair? Gurl… bye, next. And let’s not talk about the crazy-ass “Am I in the right room?” walk. ~BOOT~

Kimora Blac

  • Entrance look: Tight-as-hell look from top to bottom, but the hair was a little ratty. The make-up was right, the body and suit was right, but not the hair (sorry not sorry). ~TOOT~
  • Where I’m From look: I loved this look, definitely one of my favourites from the episode! Everything just came together so well, and the hair, the make-up and the entire body suit intertwined with each other! Think of it as a peacock-feathered Poison Ivy with a bit of Vegas showgirl realness! ~TOOT~
  • Lady Gaga look: Even though the execution was done amazingly, the choice was quite obscure (in my opinion y’all), and it felt too unfamiliar or ordinary for my liking. Even though she said she liked the idea of looks outside of a typical red carpet get-up (which is allllllllll good ma’am), the decision to get THAT particular look was a no-no. ~BOOT~

Nina Bo’Nina Brown

  • Entrance look: …speechless. Just F-ing speechless. ~TOOT~
  • Where I’m From look: Another F-ing speechless moment in my books. What I LOVE about this look is the playfulness of putting a damn peach—MADE OUT OF PAPER—as your face piece, in comparison to the elegant little pinky peach dress she wore. Stellar to the skies! ~TOOT~
  • Lady Gaga look: I was anticipating for a queen to rock Lady Gaga’s infamous 2009 VMA awards look, and what better way to have it worked on by Ms. Nina Bo’Nina Brown. The padding was killer, the head-piece was beautiful! Everything was in place! ~TOOT~


  • Entrance look: She was the first queen to enter the work room, so there was a glimmering expectation that needed to be risen. Whilst I enjoyed the braids and the electric blue kimono, I felt that they could have been rocked in different get-ups because together, they were a little out of place for me. ~BOOT~
  • Where I’m From look: Another Status of Liberty look, only this time, it’s a little more pageant-esque with the big white Marcel hair, clunky jewellery and electric blue color… goodnes, she really lovin’ them blue hues! Stunning nevertheless. ~TOOT~
  • Lady Gaga look: Again, she was the first to walk the runway, but her 2016 Grammys rendition was well-executed. Pretty, simple yet striking! ~TOOT~

Sasha Velour

  • Entrance look: Very well crafted I must say! I wasn’t digging the uni-brow at first, but because the silhouettes of her outfits have a real artsy demeanour and style to them, I started to enjoy it even more! Very strong and confident! ~TOOT~
  • Where I’m From look: Okay y’all, here’s the shade. I loved this look because it represents the art forms of pop art, classic Brooklyn-esque New York culture scene and the very high and low ends of fashion edgy culture. However, it was a little too much to the point where it didn’t work with each other! Plus, vain much with the images of yourself gurl?… ~BOOT~
  • Lady Gaga look: Exquisite piece! Very artistic and simple too! ~TOOT~

Shea Coulee

  • Entrance look: Gurl what? Electric turquoise leggings with clunky heels, mixed with a dead orange ostrich on your body and a Pearl-inspired dress? All in one? Gurl bye, next… ~BOOT~
  • Where I’m From look: I was a little sceptical at first to see what she had to offer, but I must say, I LIVED for the food-inspired get up that she wore! There was a comical-ness that she managed to handle well, and she didn’t look silly in it! Well crafted. ~TOOT~
  • Lady Gaga look: I LOVED this look! It was very asymmetrical and artsy in the origami-like details, and I enjoyed the pop of colour on her weave as well. It kept it pretty high fashion but still pretty edgy and glamorous! It’s a toot from me! ~TOOT~

Trinity Taylor

  • Entrance look: I loved the colours she used in the body suit and even her hair and make-up was on point, but the overall look was pretty basic to me. A typical pageant-esque body suit really. ~TOOT~
  • Where I’m From look: The reasoning for her Florida-like get up was very creative! I liked how she painted a jump suit and attached a F-ing huge hoop of fabric behind her to look almost like a canvas! Even though it was patchy at times, it was still a good look! ~TOOT~
  • Lady Gaga look: Taking inspiration from the singer’s appearance on American Horror Story, I felt it needed to be a little more messy in areas. The make-up, hair and bloody on the neck? Fabulous? As for the dress, I needed a little more rough-around-the-edges realness, just to keep the idea pretty streamlined. ~TOOT~


  • Entrance look: Latina of the season Valentina sourced out a lovely red look, completed with bright make-up, very simple see-through netting gloves and a bunch of flowers in her hair! Beautiful! ~TOOT~
  • Where I’m From look: Probably the most smartest execution of the episode was her Latino-inspired attire, which had her in a large sombrero, topped of which chaps and a piece of fabric around her neck to cover dem titties! Very theatrical and well-executed indeed! ~TOOT~
  • Lady Gaga look: This is definitely one of Gaga’s infamous era where she channelled very fierce and sharp looks, but because Valentina has a more feminine and softer appeal, it just didn’t cross well with the simple black dress and circular specs! Just felt it was a bit weak. ~BOOT~



Verdict? Well, my top choice of the week is without a doubt the winner of this weeks challenge in fact, Ms. Nina Bo’Nina Banana Fofana Osama bin Ladin Brown (yes y’all, a mouth full, but she calls herself that too…). She is definitely one to watch because, essentially, she is the only one so far that has really channelled drag on this season to a new level approach! Very creative and resourceful, and very proud to flaunt it off too! Based on this week too, other core picks that you guys should keep an eye out for as well is the over-the-top diva Eureka O’Hara, who served some pretty killer hits with her looks, the eccentric art queen Sasha Velour, and the drag baby Valentina.

But for y’all who didn’t realise… there’s a 14th queen coming back? Who will it be you say? Well, I have one simple bet that I know exactly who it is (hint hint Season 8 queen…), but I’ll leave it up to your guys imagination! So what did you think of this weeks looks? Comment below and give your rating.


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