Kumi Koda: ‘Driving Hit’s 7’ – Album Review


Released: April 5, 2017

Kumi Koda has always been a keen gal to the remix world, especially after having over 6 banging club remix albums that have managed to boasts some of the best EDM cuts in her career! Her most recent release, Driving Hit’s 7, offers no difference than her previous compilations; just pure ratchet booty poppin’ club bangers that blend a sizzling twist of R&B, dubstep and over-the-top pro-tools and production. Quintessential ehh?

Driving Hit’s 7 opens with the dope-as-F anthem“W Face”, which is the Lazy Rich mix. I tell you; F.I.R.E. Same goes to the Yamato & DMD remix of “Ultraviolet”, which is just as F-ing catchy and hot! But the main issue on the album is that the remaining first half is a bit unlistenable, to an extent where your just skipping the songs. It’s unfortunate but, when I was listening to these tracks, I was just kinda shaking my head at times (no shade y’all, but… yeah.) Only these two numbers are probably the attractive moments, where the remaining songs rest of typical EDM beats chopped and diced into pieces and placed back together again… and gurl, that ain’t cute.

But the thing that’s appealing to these remix series is that, unlike the inconsistent levels of genres on her studio records, the Driving albums offer a set-genre scope that can be quite universal for audiences, or just derived for the club goers. The second half executes this well, because she dives into a more pop-EDM-friendly element with “Ai no Uta” and “Cutie Honey”(Jaxx Da Fishworks Remix), but shakes that bootay by changing it up to an R&B flavour with “Damn Real” (Ninestateflex Remix). But if you just want a good bloody time with a bit of euphoric essence (which is hella me all the time), then your best choices is the pop-club tune “Hotel” (Plastik Funk Remix) or the deep house-influenced “Dance In The Rain” (Textor Remix).

I will say, it doesn’t help that a bunch of the tracks are remixed by the same producer and DJ, which only keeps the record floating on the surface with a bit of entertaining moments. But essentially, Driving Hit’s 7 is a fun enough record to blast at parties or at clubs. There is enough frills and bass-drops to run through the moment, but you might wanna stack up the remix pile a bit more to get a full-course because Driving Hit’s 7 isn’t going to fill you up. But for y’all whom love Kumi-chan, get the album. But if you want a really F-ing good time, get this… and W Face ~Outside~ for the sake of partying.

Track list (Bold means best tracks):

  1. W Face (Lazy Rich remix)
  2. Money in the Bag (Starfvckers remix)
  3. Insane (Perk Pietrek remix)
  4. Ultraviolet (Yamato & DMD remix)
  5. Cupcake (feat. AKLO) [Retrohandz remix]
  6. Wicked Girl’s (Daddy’s Groove remix)
  7. Hotel (Plastik Funk remix)
  8. Ai no Uta (Jaxx Da Fishworks remix)
  9. Koi no Tsubomi (Jaxx Da Fishworks remix)
  10. Damn Real (Ninestatesflex remix) ~Liam’s favourite~
  11. Cutie Honey (Jaxx Da Fishworks remix)
  12. Shhh! (Textor remix)
  13. Dance In The Rain (Textor remix)
  14. Lippy (Fight Clvb remix)
  15. Bassline (Flatdisk remix)



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