Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s new single “Easta” is pretty meh, but the video is mediocre

Look y’all J-pop stans, I’m just gonna throw the shade because I don’t think there is anything to describe this package in a longer paragraph; Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s new single “Easta” is tragic. There, I said it. The newly released single, which is a celebratory number about the Easter weekend (no not some Christian pop number, a full-on effect of sugary J-pop fluff), is pure crap.

And here’s the T; the production and composition LITERALLY sounds like her debut work (like literally, from her EP work…) and the intro part to her album Nanda Collection—which, if you did or didn’t know (but you should know), is about 5 years old. Yes y’all, don’t tell me that Yasutaka Nakata has been recycling an already-made hit from nearly five years ago. Music-aside, the video is a bit of a visual spectacular, which is a key essential to Kyary-chan’s music, but the execution is a little inconsistent to me and doesn’t really vitalize a story for me to fathom about (a bunch of clay-sculpted egg people in an egg castle? Poached eggs as UFO’s? Gurl, what the hell?)

I was really convinced by the re-invention of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, considering that her previous number “Harajuku Iyahoi” was probably the best single (IF NOT ONE OF THE BEST J-POP BANGERS OF THE YEAR) she has released since 2015’s “Mondai Girl”. But now, with a single like this, I don’t think I’m getting thrilled. She’s been recycling her style and aesthetic soooooooo much that It comes out a little predictable. No shade to Ms. Pamyu Pamyu, but she really NEEDS a big musical shift. Have Yasutaka-san as a co-producer, but now, she needs to move on and explore the adventure of… well, basically everything outside of her comfort zone because it’s becoming a bit tiresome and lazy.


One thought on “Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s new single “Easta” is pretty meh, but the video is mediocre

  1. Personally, I was not impressed by Harajuku Iyahoi—it felt like she was trying too hard to sound Western. I like that she has gone back to her roots in Easta, but I agree with you in that the sound is very mediocre and the video is all over the place. I hope her next single and video will be better than this!

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