The Chainsmokers: ‘Memories… Do Not Open’ – Album Review


Released: April 7, 2017

Back in 2013–2014, EDM was nothing but an excuse for artists, bands and DJ’s to present a mediocre number that proved to shine bright on the charts and become an infectious phenonenom where crazy crap was basically infused with it (anyone remember the Harlem shake? Gangnam Style? anything?) The Chainsmokers rid that wave, producing a self-induced house number that basically reflected on majority of the generation (no shade y’all), simply titled “#Selfie”. 

But unlike many other novelty acts, The Chainsmokers had risen about this status as a dope duo that executed some insanely fine club bangers that infested both euphoria and melancholy-like themes. For their new album, Memories… Do Not Open, you get a lot of that. Take the charming Coldplay duet “Something Just Like This”, the soft-pop hit “Paris”, or the duet with artist Emily Warren, “Don’t Say”; three numbers that bring forth some wicked crossover dance–indie pop sounds that makes the record more inticing.

But for me, that’s the glue to the album; it’s cross-over nature. The Chainsmokers aren’t just your ordinary club DJ’s; they are innovative musicians that are willing to capture opposites genres and blend them together. The Jhene Aiko anthem “Wake Up Alone” is an intoxicating spread of your typical trap elements with a sophisticated and bouncy electronic beat. Pretty dope huh? But it’s Aiko’s vocals that solidifies as a total package; seductive, catchy and interesting. Or evening the album’s closing song, the Florida Georgia Line hit “Last Day Alive”, which is not only produced in top-notch quality, but their vocals stand out so well! Now boyz, this an album I’m willing to throw my muuunnnaaaayy at!

The only subtle issue in Memories… Do Not Open is that not all songs live up to expecations, such as the meehhh-sounds on “The One”, the generic “been there done that” indie rock rip on “Break Up Every Night” (Yes y’all, a lil’ familiar for me… no shade though) or the lazy tones on “Bloodstream”. Unfortunately, all three tracks are the opening songs, so I would rather skip…. I’m also a little disappointed that their BANGING singles are not here (“Don’t Let Me Down” or “Closer” anyone? Uhhhhhhh yuss!). Okay y’all, I know that they appeared on their EP’s, but clearly this would have made it a worthwhile package had they’ve appeared on the album. But I guess that’s a nah.

Despite these flaws, Memories… Do Not Open is quite a brave and interesting record. The quality of the album is nice and the amount of material keeps it quite entertaining yet very attachable. I also loved that for once, a DJ group have sculpted a sound and managed to present it as a consistent and pretty concise package without having a song or beat that completely ruins the flow (apart from the first three songs), which is a few brownie point earned! If anything, this a record to buy, so save dem dollar coins and spend it on this, cause you’ll get the full course meal here!

Track list (Bold means the best)

  1. The One
  2. Break Up Every Night
  3. Bloodstream
  4. Don’t Say (feat. Emily Warren)
  5. Something Just Like This (feat. Coldplay) ~Liam’s favourite~
  6. My Type (feat. Emily Warren)
  7. It Won’t Kill Ya (feat. Louane)
  8. Paris
  9. Honest
  10. Wake Up Alone (feat. Jhene Aiko)
  11. Young
  12. Last Day Alive (feat. Florida Georgia Line)



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