RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 3: “Draggily Ever After” – TV Show Review on Looks


With Jaymes Mansfield gone, the 13 remaining queens on RuPaul Drag Race have now finally come to a realization; your booty gets the boot every week. It’s hard to understand why they don’t realize this—considering that this is the biggest drag pagaent in bloody drag queen HERstory!!—but I guess you can say; come through America’s Next Drag Superstar. But this was an episode that dealt with a lot of pain and hardship particularly with the shooting at Pulse in Orlando, Florida, a hometown where contestant Trinity Taylor regularly performed and a situation where Cynthia Lee Fontaine was going to perform there, but narrowly missed fate when she was asked to rescheduled her performance (prayers to the families and friends to this day xx).

For this episode, the queens had to create an original fairy tale princess and waltz the stage with an accompanying side of their own creation. Not a bad idea ehhh? Well, to me, it sounds like a good one, but a few queens were a little… well, how should I say this… meehhhh. Despite that, the queens were later asked to use these ideas and sow their looks for the runway, where the judges feast their eyes on the hungry competitors. So, without further comment, here are my opinions on each queen’s performance and looks:


I think for me, the over-the-top hairdo screamed volcanic disaster. As for the rest of the look, it was semi-erupted. Listen gurl, I actually liked the look because it was consistent and very well-presented, but it gave me nothing else, and the make-up was EXTREMELY harsh and butchered. I wouldn’t even F-ing know whether your a volcanic eruption or going to some drag queen rodeo in the countryside. And, as for the side kick that literally had nothing resembling the outfit—yes y’all, it was just a plain white floating head? Gurl… what the hell? (BOOT)

Alexis Michelle

I actually really liked this look on Ms. Michelle tonight—which is a first because I’ve been booting the gurl! I’ve always liked her in very Greecian-like gowns or looks that show of her killer figure, but still quite mature and classy. The addition of coloured hair pieces made it quite fun and bubbly, and the make-up? Gurl, that’s unclockable. Though I would’ve enjoyed the dress touching the gown and the floating sea horse sidekick a little more… well, looking the part of her actual dress look, I thought this was a great execution! Top notch kween! (TOOT)

Charlie Hides

Now THIS is how y’all do a princess look! I just can’t take my eyes off the execution of the gown, alongside the additional head piece and staff she is holding (LORD THIS IS MIGHTY FINE!) The godmother sidekick—in her green lil’ frock—was the icing on the cake for the package, and was by far the best creation of the night! HAND’S F-ING DOWN.COM! (TOOT)

Cynthia Lee Fontaine

Cynthia was first on the runway, so there is a bit of expectation. But she pulled through, thank god! But unfortunately, I was mixed with the look; it was very pretty and very feminine, but something about the execution looked a lil’ funny, and I can’t put my finger on the cucu where I think it went wrong. Also, the silhouette is kinda… well actually, ALMOST the same as last weeks white party look, so I’m questioning whether Cynthia is going to redeem herself from last seasons, because it’s getting a little predictable. No shade gurl, but yeah… you gotta a least beat episode 4 to get me convinced… you don’t want it to be like last season kween! (BOOT)

Eureka O’Hara

Ms. Eureka’s idea for the gown was a “sewer rat” queen that literally came out of the sewers… hey, whatever floats the boat, be the captain too! While I think the look was exquisite, I guess the theme didn’t translate as potent as what I thought it would. I found it a little too glamorous and polished, which downed my expectations of a gritty, ugly yet humurous attire, but I guess the look is nice! But y’all know that she can deliver a funny as F talk with her rat-like sidekick… gurl, you give me humour all the way round. (TOOT)

Farrah Moan

Gurl… like, what the hell? Okay, here’s my though about queens in the competition; if you do not even know the basics of everything (sewing, acting, singing, etc.)… don’t even sign up. Wanna know why? BECAUSE IT’S OBVIOUS THAT YOU HAVE TO DO THESE TYPE OF CHALLENGES ANYWAYS! Rant over… Back to Ms. Moan over here; she is gorgeous, and her make-up and wig looks on point as always—especially with the addition of starfishes and other material—but the look was basic as hell. Nice colour, but the execution was bad. Like Todrick said, why the hell did you have a loose piece of fabric wrapped around your body? Sorry gurl, next… (BOOT)

Kimora Blac

Yet another queen who can’t sew for squat but thinks it’s gon’ be an easy ride in this competition. *Sigh* Yes, we all have those diva kweens up in here, but Kimora is one whiner who thinks she’s a Kim Kardashian in the drag industry. Ugghhhh, okay love. Back to the look; I actually didn’t mind this look. I felt the look was pretty well presented, especially with its jungle theme, but there was too much going on; the 50+ necklaces, the fur coats, the bananas… gurl, I can’t breathe! She’s a gorgeous queen with tight-as-hell make-up and has a perfect figure, but it lacked innovation. And her sidekick was nothing special? A funky monkey with vague deliveries? Ughhh… (BOOT)

Nina Bo’Nina Brown

Nina has always had a character-like drag style, so I wasn’t surprised that this challenge would be right up her alley! But gurl, she made an alien-like headpiece out of cardboard and placed in on her head… how awesome is that! Plus, her make-up has become a lot more consistent and polished this time round, and the silverish thigh-highs and 60-s like alien catsuit was banging—along with her sassy robotic sidekick *snaps fingers*. Though I did think it was too literal in areas and not enough… well, princess-y, I felt the executed was spot on! Yussssss Ms. Bo’Nina Brown. (TOOT)


I’ve been braggin about Peppermint for not bring any looks that accentuates that banging-as-F figure of her’s, so I’m really happy that she created a look that showed those killer curves and Kim K bootay! I love her incorporation of fire—alongside the touching story of her own personal experience—and using it as a vessel to success! The hair is on point, the material is sleek, the make-up is right, AND… I love that her sassy sidekick was in fact fire (well, a blue flame, but good enough). It was on fleek kween! (TOOT)

Sasha Velour

Now here’s the T… I like that some queens know how to execute the most simplistic materials and use them to create something rather elegant and pure. Yes, amazing. Sasha Velour is of example, especially with her make-up and head pieces—which tonight she has a bloody birdcage and flowers around it, which is just gorgeous! But the white silky dress was boring. Literally, there was nothing exciting about the dress, and was a bit pedestrian for me. But unfortunately, because the dress is supposed to sell “fairy-tale”, I got nothing. Though I must give props to making her sidekick a typical ugly troll, which is used in fairy tales (well of course it is Liam, duhhh…) (BOOT)

Shea Coulee

Now this is fierce! To me, this is a dope look from top to bottom. The use of blue hues and colours make her look even more regal and glamorous, and the symmetrical placement of the dress is exquisite! I also love the hair; I’m not really a fan of the shape, but with this dress, it’s an But I wish her sassy sidekick wasn’t the typical fairy silhouette, because… we all know fairy tales have, ummmm, fairies, in it. So, the originality shifted downwards there, but Ms. Coulee’s look is ON POINT OKAY! (TOOT)

Trinity Taylor

What I love about Trinity is that, yes she’s a pageant queen, but as far as a contestant to the show, I doubt she honestly give’s a F about the status as pageant girl. She has allowed her humorous side and campy spirit come out, and she has applied the silly and fun-quality in her look, which is an underwater princess-esque bundle of fun (with the underlining joke being about STDs…). The sassy sidekick is in fact a starfish, so… I’ll leave it at that and just say; killer look! (TOOT)


Top notch innovation I must say! She first came in the room looking glamorous, last week she was a bride. NOW, she’s some ice princess that strove through the field of 80’s pop culture and looked like she stole from Madonna’s wardrobe! She knows how to dress and execute herself, so I’m pleased to say that this is a banging look! From the waist down, it is a little lacklustre, but the overall presense is fun and flirty, and her sassy sidekick delivers the class and funniness! Muy bien! (TOOT)

Verdict? I understand why Trinity won; she gave a little more to the typical pageant get-up and had a lot more fun with her performance this week. But as far as the look goes, Charlie Hides takes the cake! It’s everything a princess should look like; royal, gorgeous, well presented and executed, and having the story well-conceived. Just F-ing fantastic! Other high contestants for me was the feisty heat of Peppermint, the innovation of the Latino queen Valentina, and the creativity of Nina Bo’Nina Brown.

Unfortunately, Aja and Kimora Blac fell in the bottom. I could see why; Aja because of her undistinguishable story line and make-up (no shade gurl, but it’s the T…) and Kimora’s robotic performance. Ms. Farrah Moan narrowly missed the bottom two, mainly because her personality is super cute and fun, but gurl… that’s one week, so don’t think your gon’ be too cute and win this contest. After belting out the traditional 80’s number “Holding Out for a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler, it was Aja that stayed, and Kimora that sashay awayed. To be honest, I could see it coming; Aja is a little more versatile and adaptable, whereas Kimora serves body and face only.

What do you guys think of this weeks results? Agree with my review? Comment below and see the response!


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