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RuPaul: ‘Remember Me: Essentials, Vol. 1’ – Album Review


Released: February 3, 2017

Back in the 1990s, Mama Ru was your go-to disco diva drag queen that shimmered style, glamour, and complete sassy realness. From there on, he has been very prominent within the underground club scene, especially with his iconic mixes such as the flamboyant dance anthem “Supermodel (You Better Work)”, which is KILLER TO THE DAYS! On wards, he’s managed to channel a more contemporary approach with groovy numbers like “Sissy That Walk”, the “oh-my-lord-this-track-is-Fing-fierce” “The Realness”, and “Die Tomorrow”. But for the first time in his musical career, he is serving his most consistent, cohesive and damn catchy record Remember Me: Essentials, Vol. 1.

Lord I tell y’all right now, this record is pure fire, that it has completely snatches my edges. What is so enjoyable about the record is that, conceptually, it pays ode to the singer’s history of underground club music and culture, which is why the disco diva decided to remix his older sons in new edits with a variety of new producers to offer a bit of glimmer, sass… and of course, that realness. Werk it Ms. Thang! Opening this record is my absolute favourite “Rock It (To the Moon)”, which is an intoxicating blend of robotic synths and slick deep house beats. But of course, Mama Ru doesn’t just have one trick up her sleeve… she has numerous trick honey… goodness, that’s why she’s been in the game for decades!

Tracks like the re-vised “Supermodel (You Better Work)”, the shimmery feels of “Free 2 Be”, the retro “A Little Bit of Love”, and empowering anthem “Mighty Love” all share a similar vein of classic synths and house elements that was once viewed as an obstacle to the world of pop, and it’s great to see it’s moved into mainstream music, which ultimately means it’s safe to say that RuPaul’s decision to execute his older tracks into this type of genre is perfect! But not all tracks are… well, how you say, vintage; the dark atmospheric and hollow airiness of “Call Me Starbooty” keeps the record interesting and innovative, even the experimental production of “Do The Right Thing” showcases a refreshing punch to RuPaul’s sound.

But if anything, only two songs on this record are fillers. The double number “Remember Me / Back to My Roots” is a little misplaced here; it doesn’t even sound like an appropriate song to be on this record… gurl bye, next. And “A Shady Shade” could have been a lot more fierce and sassy, but unfortunately, it comes of tacky. If only Mama Ru herself could say Sashay Away to these tracks, but nope… you do it to some queens that didn’t deserve to go home instead (no T, no shade but hey… it’s the truth to some). But apart from those moments, Remember Me: Essentials, Vol. 1 is in fact a remembrance of one of the most celebrated icons in the LGBT and underground culture. RuPaul has brought a new light to these songs that have now fully showcased their fullest capabilities in terms of sound and performance, and is definitely the most fulfilling record in his career (my opinion). All I gotta say to you Ms. RuPaul is… YOU BETTER WORK! *snaps fingers*

Track list (Bold means best tracks)

  1. Rock It (To the Moon) [feat. Kummerspeck] ~Liam’s favourite~
  2. Just a Lil In and Out (feat. Ellis Miah)
  3. Remember Me / Back to My Roots (feat. Skeltal Ki)
  4. Supermodel (feat. Skeltal Ki)
  5. A Shady Shade (Now Prance) [feat. Vjuan Allure]
  6. Free 2 Be (feat. Skeltal Ki and Chris Willis)
  7. Call Me Starbooty (feat. YLXR)
  8. A Little Bit of Love (feat. Kummerspeck)
  9. Snapshot (feat. Macutchi)
  10. Do the Right Thing (feat. YLXR)
  11. House of Love (feat. Matt Pop and Ellis Miah)
  12. Mighty Love (feat. Matt Pop)



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