RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 6: “Snatch Game” – TV Show Review


If there is anything about RuPaul’s Drag Race that completely gets us gagging and living, it’s the Snatch Game. So, after a five-episode stint of drama, camaraderie and pure petty shade, we get to see the jazziness and glamour of the remaining 10 drag queen contestants in this episode full of fluff and fun! The choices are as stated: Aja as the tongue-poppin alumni Alyssa Edwards, Alexis Michelle as the kooky Liza Minelli, Cynthia Lee Fontaine as buxom TV starlet Sofia Vergara, Farrah Moan as YouTube sensation Gigi Gorgeous, Nina Bo’Nina Brown as the sassy and classy Jasmine Masters, Peppermint as Real Housewives bad bitch Nene Leakes, Sasha Velour as German diva Merlene Dietrich, Shea Coulee as the glamorous supermodel Naomi Campbell, Trinity Taylor as club-kid realness Amanda Lepore, and Valentina as Ms. Colombia which… well, we won’t go on cause we all know what happened.

For this weeks runway, it’s 1000 Nights of Madonna… part deux. Okay gurls and boyz, I’mma be real honest here; I know that last seasons Madonna mess was basically a kimono runway with five other off-cut outfits (no shade ladies), but as a fan of Madonna’s most admirable single “Nothing Really Matters”, I LIVED for the kimono’s (plus, I live for Japanese culture, so the kimono is a bonus y’all). Let’s have a look at the contestants progress.


Gurl… Alyssa Edwards again? Here’s the thing; I live for Alyssa cause she is humorous and over-the-top, but for me, I think this was a first-handed poor judgement call for Aja. But when I actually watched the episode, I thought it was ok, but mediorce at best. A lot of the one-liners Alyssa were already used by Violet Chachki, who, bare in mind y’all, SERVED Ms. Edwards that sassy realness in season 7’s Snatch Game, so it was a little dry for Aja to be delivering those one-liners again. As for the runway look, it was… yet again, ok. It was well constructed and the make-up was AMAZING, but it didn’t feel like a Madonna look; a little pedestrian for me. (Performance: BOOT / Look: BOOT)

Alexis Michelle

Guuuurrrrlll, truth be told, Ms. Michelle F-ing snatched this episode and claimed it as her own. Her performance as Liza Minelli—side note; I cannot believe no one has done Liza before on Snatch Game, I’m pretty shook—was damn good kween! I loved how she was on point with the charactarisation, the deliveries were superb, and was totally an up-her-alley rendition! Ooooohhhhh gurl, Ms, Minelli would be proud of ya! Her Madonna look, inspired by the character Breathless Mahoney, fit her body perfectly and for the first time seems glamorous and expensive! Though the make-up seems a little… cheapish to me… I just can’t put my finger on the problem. Nevertheless, she done good! (Performance: TOOT / Look: TOOT)

Cynthia Lee Fontaine

No, no, no, no, no Ms. Amores… what the hell was this crap? I can’t believe someone like Ms. Cynthia Lee Fontaine, who claims to have studied her impersonation Sofia Vergara for about two years (yeah right…), could literally fumble SO damn hard in a pretty straightforward game! The performance, by far, was one of the most incoherent and messy ones to ever grace Snatch Game, and THAT’S a stretch gurl. But I LIVED for her Madonna look, which was inspired by her “Living For Love” single… and that staged fall? BRILLANT KWEEN! (Performance: BOOT / Look: TOOT)

Farrah Moan

To be honest, I live for Farrah because she’s a bubbly blonde that literally looks like she lives in the clouds half the time (like myself on a rare occasion). But lord… has she got ANYTHING to prove in this competition?!? Her decision to pick YouTube beauty Gigi Gorgeous was, of course, a pretty decent cop-out from not having to push herself or challenge herself within the competition, other than just being the cute, petite and dumb ditzy blonde. Not cute gurl, not cute. I could see that she tried, but the performance just lacked substance or any witty material. But… CAN WE TALK ABOUT HER LOOK!? Her 2012 Superbowl Madonna look was by far the most impressive attire of the night, especially with the arrangement and consistency of the original outfit so, I guess she gets a lucky star to move on (yes y’all, I’m so punny…) (Performance: BOOT / Look: TOOT)

Nina Bo’Nina Brown

When I heard she was doing Season 7 alumni Jasmine Masters, I literally died. I LIVE for a queen that goes forward on another contestant on Snatch Game, and delivery the goods that never appeared on the actual show (take note Violet and Aja…). Her performance was so bloody funny and I enjoyed that she used a more aggressive and boujee attitude for the role, giving it that pure Jasmine Masters realness—though I will say that there was a little lacklustre focus on jokes at times. Then we get to the runway… gurl, is this part two of the Kimono-you-didn’t incident? Nina wore Madge’s 2012 Met Ball Galla look, worn a little loose and with a more biker/punkish appeal, but Ms. Trinity Taylor basically wore the same thing, yet tailored and a little more glamorous. You know what? I’mma give my girls an automatic took because, depsite the difference of tailoring and editing, they both look fierce (Performance: TOOT / Look: TOOT)


…And here is part THREE of the same Madonna looks, this time, it’s the Material Girl outfit. Yes y’all, covered in jewels and pink satin fabric… oohhhhh, so luscious. However, I just felt that her look was a little cheap; the tacky white blonde do-up hair, the plain pink dress, and the fit was a little rough. Not a cute look gurl, not… C.U.T.E. And that NeNe Leakes performance in Snatch Game? Gurl bye… (AND THAT WASN’T EVEN SAID IN SNATCH GAME, AND THAT SIMPLE “GURL BYE” IS A NENE LEAKES’ ONE LINER!) (Performance: BOOT / Look: BOOT)

Sasha Velour

I haven’t been so confident in Ms. Velour’s progression, knowing that she has been a little fly in the background at some points. But Ms. Thang, that Marlene Dietrich performance was F-ing amazing! If I have to be honest, it was probably the best performance of the night hands down! It was quirky and funny, yet encapsulated Marlene to the max! And, if by any means, her “Erotica” Madonna look was by far the most iconic (key word; Iconic) look on the runway, and the most appealing outfit! Two ticks for Ms. Sasha Velour (no tea, no shade, but I think she should have won, OR gone to both to her and Alexis.) (Performance: TOOT / Look: TOOT)

Shea Coulee

Yet again, Ms. Shea Coulee has proven to be top-notch material with her performances and looks on the runway. And to be fair, I think she should have been in the top 3-4 this week; her performance as Naomi Campbell was full on humour with classy yet blunt shade, and perfect Naomi Campbell moments (remember the cell phone y’all?). Spot on! Her Material Girl look—yet again, part two of the Material Girl match off— was cute, but again, it looked quite cheap and a little unflattering at times. Plus, it’s hard to mimic a Madonna look when it clearly looks like a Marilyn Monroe look. (Performance: TOOT / Look: BOOT)

Trinity Taylor

And here is part fricken two of the Met Ball look… sponsored by Trinity Taylor! I like Trinity’s look because, as mention when reviewing Nina Bo’Nina Madonna Louise Ciccone Brown, there are two roads I see; Nina serving rocker chick, and Trinity serving couture glamour. It’s a toot, but a safe one for the week. And her Amanda Lepore for Snatch Game was really well performance and quite funny too, but I’ve noticed that she has slightly faded into the background ever since falling into the bottom, so I would like a shining moment for her again. (Performance: TOOT / Look: TOOT)


Now now… Valentina isn’t necessarily a comedy queen, so I was sceptical in seeing what she was gonna whip up for Snatch Game. Her choice as Ms. Colombia sounds a little dumb at first, but she killed it with a funny impersonation and yet, had very quick wit and one-liners too! Though, I am noticing that like Trinity, she’s falling back while everyone else is getting pushed up, so she needs that extra oomph yet again. As for her runway look… basically two large strips covering her pee pee and titties whilst walking on the stage… butt naked… serving Madonna’s Sex book realness… so simple yet so sickening. (Performance: TOOT / Look: TOOT)

Verdict? Okay, I get that Alexis won, but clearly Sasha Velour was the stand-out of the week! She killed the challenge, and proved her versatility when it comes to humour, looks, and personality! Werk it Ms. Thang! Other highlights for me this week were the fierceness of Shea Coulee and of course, the creative and ghetto fabulous Nina Bo’Nina I-Did-Not-Copy-Trinity-Taylors-Outfit Brown (no tea no shade).

Unfortunately, Peppermint and Cynthia Lee Fontaine fell in the bottom; Peppermint for wearing pink yet again and not giving a funny performance, and Cynthia’s lack of sense in the Snatch Game. This week, for the bloody first time, was a pretty savvy and good lip-sync to Madonna’s “Music” number. Whilst Ms. Cucu tried to give it her best, she fumbled with a lack of rhythm to the beat, whereas Peppermint SNATCHED them wigs and weaves with a funny and New York-realness performance.

What do you guys think of this weeks performance? Comment below!


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