AI: “Saigo wa Kanarazu Seigi ga Katsu” – Single Review


Released: May 9, 2017

As one of Japan’s dopest R&B vocalists, Ms. AI sure has had a lot on her plate ever since giving birth to her daughter in August 2015. After releasing her greatest hits album The Best last year, the J-diva is back in full force and strong power with her new single “Saigo wa Kanarazu Seigi ga Katsu” (最後は必ず正義が勝つ). Of course, her most recent single —the triple A-side affair “Happy Christmas” / “Heiwa” / “Miracle”— was released back last year in November, but the overall effort was NOT one’s best comeback release. No tea or shade, but it was quite boring and a little effortless. So, THANK GOD, a track like this has really pushed her in the right direction.

“Saigo wa Kanarazu Seigi ga Katsu” is definitely a number that I would dare to see Ms. AI dive head first into, partly due to it’s futuristic sounds; it’s very electro-R&B, but is of course infused with the transcending trap beats that have basically inflicted the entire world by storm. This alone is by far more commanding than majority of her previous singles, and it’s an awesome return with a refreshing twist of juicy synths and rhythmic background bass. But gurls and boyz, it’s that dope-as-F second verse—with a more diverse set of keyboards and addition of synths—that will snatch y’all edges to the max!

Of course, the key highlight to number is AI’s husky vocals. They aren’t as deep or strong in this moment, but you could literally tell miles away, so there is no ambiguity here; it’s AI at her best. I also got a bit of EXILE TRIBE vibes from the beat, especially how their bloody list-full of producers like to allow the composition to over-run majority of their vocals and allow the composition to be fresh and crisp. But with a track like this, AI takes command, and allows it to become a little more original and thicker.

If anything, “Saigo wa Kanarazu Seigi ga Katsu” is a welcome return of AI; it’s a lot more impressive than her previous work, and really showcases her plan to take over the J-Pop WORLD (well not really, but it’s still F-ing awesome). It’s catchy, the hooks are there, the beat is pure and legitimate F.I.R.E… Lord, this track is just off the hook banger waiting to hit the charts!



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