Katy Perry feat. Migos: “Bon Appetit” – Song Review


Released: April 28, 2017

Yes y’all, Ms. Thang has released her new single which is named “Bon Appetit”… and yes, that’s exactly how it is… that nasty sex. Unlike her previous single “Chained to the Rhythm”, which was a trend-following number of disco-music, “Bon Appetit” see’s Katy return back to her comical use of double entredes and quirky lyrics that once had us all obsessed back in those Tumblr-Facebook 2010s days. The track itself is house-influenced with subtle hints of R&B and pop elements, very similar to her hidden album gems such as “Pearl”, “Hummingbird Heartbeat” and “Double Rainbow”. I actually really like this number to be honest; it’s your quintessential Katy track, and definitely more recognisable than what “Chained to the Rhythm” was, which just felt a little to pedestrian at times. 

However, there are times where you stand back and question Ms. Perry’s overall performance with this number, not just vocally, but as an overwatcher of all things songwriting, composing and production-based. From recent releases, I haven’t felt as 100% as I did pre-Prism days, and “Bon Appetit” still fails to give me that over-the-top feel. I mean, come on, you can tell she’s still spicy and sweet, but everything just feels a little under-performed—”Roar” and “This Is How We Do” was super-doper cute and fun when it came to Ms. Perry’s mature look with Prism, but here, it doesn’t sizzle. And at times, the lyrical content feels a little choppy and generic to the point where I feel like these type of lyricsm have already been done before (no shade gurl). Lines such as “I’m on the menu” or the horrid cliches of similes and metaphors can go a little overbearing. ANNNNNDDDD… was it necessary with Migos here? To me, it seems a lil’ trivial.

But if anything, it’s definitely a sonic improvement from “Chained to the Rhythm”. It’s a lot more different to her typical single releases, yet still has your quirky and cute Katy Perry lingo and personality infected into it. But as far as the satisfactory level comes, I feel like I need a second (or third) platter gurl… because I feel that she needs to amp up the energy a little more. Looking back, “Chained to the Rhythm” is more my “California Gurls” in compared to this (no tea no shade). Next single gurl, next single!



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