Namie Amuro to release new single “Just You and I”


Dropping singles because… well, why the hell not?… J-diva of the century Namie Amuro has announced the release of a new single titled “Just You and I”, which will serve as her eighth consecutive non-album promo since the release of her album _genic back in June 2015. Lord, another J-pop emergency on the rise! SOUND THE ALARM Y’ALL!

The song will be used as the official theme song for the Japanese television show “Haha ni Haru”, with an additional B-side named “Strike a Pose”—which is used as commercial number for contact lenses—to be served on the physical releases, scheduled for a May 31, 2017 distribution. As always to the quintessential Namie Amuro starter package, it will be served as a standard CD release, and also as a CD and DVD bundle.

Now… let’s spill the tea and share the shade y’all, cause it’s gon’ get real hot up in here! When I heard the preview of “Strike a Pose”, which, bare in mind was leaked first before “Just You and I” was SUCH a THING, I was quite disappointed. The beat just sounded so generic and is basically a “mehh” throwback to her 2010 Uncontrolled days, which back then, was either a hit or miss in most occasions. But when I heard “Just You are I”, I was like “Gurl… Amuro-chan… what the hell is this?” It just sounded really uninspired and not single-worthy, almost like a boring pop ballad number.

I have been extremely hot with all her recent singles (especially the blazing FIRE of “Fighter”, “Mint” and “Red Carpet”), but I have to say that this is a bit of a let-down; shoulda just been a commercial promo single instead gurl. Nevertheless, the single will be out on May 31, 2017 in Japan and worldwide as a digital release.


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