RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 7: “9021-Ho” – TV Show Review


Ahhhhhhh, another RuPaul’s Drag Race episode, another acting challenge. This season, it really looks like Mama Ru is basically jumping the gun and leaving all that mini-challenge mama drama out and focusing primary on the challenges… well, if it’s you mama Ru, it’s you. This week the queens worked with the dynamic duo Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth on the infamous 90’s rendition of 90210, which the drag title is called, 9021-Ho... yes, catchy isn’t it? But here’s the catch… the fishy catch. Nearly all these gurls bring the drama and respectable performances, but the line is getting thin (or the contour, whatever fancies you…), so I’m being a LOT MORE particular with my reviews (BAM!).

Of course, the drama isn’t as big this episode, but there are tantrums… yet again. Nina Bo’Nina Ms. Tantrum Brown had a little scuffle this episode where she wasn’t able to articulate her lines properly. Fair enough, it’s an understandable approach. But… gurl, Ms. Aja went full throttle YET AGAIN because she’s uncomfortable with decisions that lie in someones hands. I mean gurl, come on; you don’t get what you want in life, so, suck it up. Apart from that, there were a few concessionaires, especially with Trinity Taylor’s vulnerable moment about living with her grandmother throughout her teen-hood and losing her mother to HIV. Additionally, Shea Coulee offered a sweet moment when she discussed her fathers full-circle moment when he was diagnosed with cancer, and Sasha’s beautiful ode to her mother for going bald after her diagnosis. Goodness, these confessions just get more unified and loving by the minute!

This week’s looks were Big Hair Everywhere. Gurl, I’m actually getting quite tired with these runway themes. They just seem quite pedestrian and nothing AT ALL with this is inventive or big. Ehhhh, hopefully these looks slay the runway and shut my mouth up. Let’s have a look;


Yet again, Ms. Aja doesn’t provide the banjee, bitch-ass ghetto fabulous-ness that we’ve been craving for… Knowing that she packed up a stink about not getting a specific role—which was actually a stink between Shea Coulee playing a banjee gurl and Aja playing an old grandma—I actually expected Aja to deliver it. But no, she didn’t. Instead, it made you fall into the bottom. But having said that, a character so small for that episode that barely had any material or substance to stick out (unless your someone like Shea or Trinity, you will SERVE YOU WELL) was a perfect trap for Aja that she didn’t miss. BUT THAT OUTFIT ON THE RUNWAY? That gorgeous black get-up with the hoop-skirt, queen of hearts hair and stringy material around her arms? Ahhhhh, perfection! (Performance: BOOT / Look: TOOT)

Alexis Michelle

I live for Ms. Thang’s beauty and make-up, but that itself doesn’t conceal the nature of Ms. Alexis Michelle’s personality. You can tell the show is editing her as the new Ms. Bitch, but unlike the diva-licious-ness of Nina Bo’Nina Ms. Pack-a-Tanty Brown or Kimora Blac, Alexis seems to dive head first on sharp opinions, considering that she tried to voice  her opinion on basically EVERYONE about how she conceived their looks to be “90210-ish” or “90’s”. Plus, she’s a very strategic player, so there’s no question about how she’s playing the game, because with that said, she’s playing a other queens a bit too. Annnnnyyywaaaayyy, her performance was quite minor—very much like Aja’s role—but again, a lot of ingenuity could have been put into this role, and she played it safe. NOT CUTE GURL. As for the look? Yes, I get the halloween Helena Bonham Carter (thanks Carlson Kressley) get-up, but this is still cheap-as-hell. Gurl bye, next… (Performance: BOOT / Look: BOOT)

Farrah Moan

I’mma be real here; Farrah is gorgeous and pretty-as-F, but that’s one thing. What she has been missing this entire season is charisma and personality, so I guess it was a saving call for Peppermint to give Farrah a role that basically let Farrah be Farrah. In the performance, she acted as the too-cool-for-school beachy Malibu teen daughter of Trinity Taylor’s character, so there was a good mould between the two performances that worked out quite well. But Farrah seriously needs to step it up further because the entire “I’m pretty and cute” gig is getting boring, and she’s soon going to be on the chopping block if nothing avails. As for the runway look, it was pretty sub-par; the hair was big and bright, and her intricate sky-blue outfit, complete with a fur coat was decent, but it’s becoming predictable and very “been-there-done-that”. Next… (Performance: TOOT / Look: BOOT)

Nina Bo’Nina Brown

Nina Bo’Nina I’mma-Boss-As-Bitch-9021-Ho Brown isn’t a great actress per say, and for that, it clearly showcased in her performance. The thing is, Nina has always been displaying the entire banjee street-savvy bitch type on her looks and appeal, but when it comes to a challenge, she somehow get’s defensive and runs straight pass it. I feel for Ms. Thang as far as her insecurities, but it’s becoming a repetitive problem that after nearly seven episodes, it still feels like groundhog day… goodness, I was wondering whether she would have SLAYED the Kardashian performance as Blac Chyna, because as far as I’m concerned, Ms. Shea Coulee has enough innovation and confidence to work basically anything. But first, CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS RUNWAY OUTFIT!? The lioness make-up and hair LITERALLY snatched my edges and was by far the most inventive look of the night! The actual outfit was pretty nice, but like Michelle said, a different silhouette would definetly be a challenging idea because at times, it becomes SOOO ridiculously large that it’s more apparent than her performances (no tea no shade gurl…). (Performance: BOOT / Look: TOOT)


Last weeks lip-sync sure blazed a bloody fire underneath Peppermint’s ass, because this week, she managed to do quite well! She hasn’t been the best at the acting or impersonating challenges, but her ability to craft a personality with her character—an ordinary yet awkward school chick who literally looks like she was part of some underground hip-hop pop duo in the early 90’s—was exquisite and consistent. Her runway look for the first time was giving me absolute glamour realness and felt very much more comfortable and easy to observe. But again, her looks have always been quite ordinary, so apart from the sex appeal, it’s not over-the-top, and I’m expecting a lot more. Annnnnddddd gurl, the runway is Big Hair Everywhere, not Any Weave I Believe… MORE! (Performance: TOOT / Look: TOOT)

Sasha Velour

Sasha Velour has been an awkward and subdued character this season, though she SLAYED the snatch game last week which gave me a lot more confidence for the acting challenge this week. She was a old-and-crusty diner waitress and, while the quirky quirks were there, a lot more could have been pushed in the performance, knowing that she was a prominent character to the show. Her runway look, from top to bottom, was by far the most inventive and original of the week, especially with that AWESOME punk-ish mohawk hair-do that I absolutely LIVED for! But there was something just a little bit… ehhh, simple about it. When she walked out, I loved it, but looking at it again, you could only think that more could have work with it! More chains, more plaid, larger spikes, just something to level it all out. (Performance: TOOT / Look: TOOT)

Shea Coulee

Of course, Shea can work anything and make it turn into gold. Gurl, she could literally wear a trash bag and the judges would completely live for that filth! Her performance, as always, was a A+. She’s overly confident and has a self-aware nature that has been keeping her high in this competition, but her ability to go complete ugly with her geeky, old-timer character—that, according to the show, is a character that is 50 F-ing years old still attending school and pregnant with her first child—was timeless and hilarious! Her look on the runway, as always, had a very cute, well-executed concept of pink frilly-ness and candy-coated realness. BUUUUUTTTT, and it’s a big butt (no pun)… I wish there was a little padding, especially when you have a look that’s big at the top, and a little… ehhh, stick-like at the bottom. Just a lil’ padding gurl. (Performance: TOOT / Look: TOOT)

Trinity Taylor

When I literally saw the promo—and the eventual episode not long after—Ms. Thang completely snatched my edges and called me bald… because Trinity F-ing Taylor completely WIPED this challenged CLEAN! Trinity has an abrupt, crass and blunt type of humour that completely connects well to my humour, and the way she executed it tonight was beyond F-ing hilarious; it was well performed and executed, and incredibly hilarious. By far one of the most impressive acting and comedic performances in the past 5! But… the runway look. I get it; pageant realness with the big poofy hair and over-the-top glamorous gown. Yes, gorgeous. But a little predictable, and if anything, probably the least imaginative look on the runway tonight. It was just a little “been there done that” too. (Performance: TOOT / Look: BOOT)


Ms. Valentina has been little quiet munchkin these past episodes, but she came in full flight with this performance as the innocent yet virgin school girl in the episode, and COMPLETELY let go! It was witty, funny and very well executed without being too sloppy or unprofessional! Muy Bien gurl! And the runway look was pure Diana Ross meets Poison Ivy realness! This was a very original and well-presented look, and definitely one of my favourites this seasons! (Performance: TOOT / Look: TOOT)

Verdict? Ms. Trinity Taylor has come back with a vengeance! It was an awesome performance and by far one of the funniest I’ve seen this season! Other highlights were the return of Valentina, who completely served this challenge with sloppy glamour, and even Shea Coulee and Peppermint slayed it with their quirks and humour!

On the bottom end, Nina Bo’Nina This-Is-My-First-Lip-Sync Brown and Aja fell into the bottom; Nina for her ordinary performance and attitude, and Aja’s little meltdown and… well, ordinary performance. They sung the iconic gay club anthem “Finally” by CeCe Peniston. I tell you right now, I thought Aja was going to SLAY this lip-sync, knowing that she served it once and WIPED OUT Kimora Blac a few episodes ago. But like they say; if you do the same thing again, don’t expect to get the same results.

I wasn’t shocked that Nina was hitting rock bottom this week, but I was pretty surprised at her lioness-like passion and sultriness in the lip-sync, and how she connected to the song more than Aja’s spontaneous “I’mma move to this side, and then move to this side” gig. Again, there hasn’t been ONE lip-sync that has completely killed me—especially when you have a BANGING ANTHEM LIKE THIS to just perform with a lil’ bit of energy—but thankfully (as a fan though…), Ms. Nina got her rudemption and stays for another week, whilst the fabulous Aja sashay’s away.

What did you think? Comment below!


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