Katy Perry announces new album ‘Witness’, and it’s accompanying world tour!


Get ready all you KatyCats, because it’s gon’ be another ride to KatyLand!

American pop star Katy Perry has officially announced the release of her studio album Witness, which is expected to hit shelves on June 9, 2017. Ms. Thang also revealed that, alongside the album will be a world tour titled (guess this…) the Witness World Tour, which will first see a wave of concerts in North America and will eventually see her forward onto various countries around the globe. The album—which has yet to feature an album cover—has already released two singles; “Chained to the Rhythm” and “Bon Appetit”, the latter featuring Migos. 

According to Katy, the record will be an empowering release that showcases a variety of tough times that is not necessarily aimed or accompanied by one person or issue. Along with this, the record has said to be very dancable and upbeat, but with dark elements lingering around a selection of tracks.

Now… my honest opinion. I enjoy Ms. Perry’s music because it’s a treat to the ears, and of course a treat to my eyes. But ever since the mid-way point of Prism on wards to post-“Chained to the Rhythm”, I haven’t really been interested. To be fair, her entire image and music since Prism has felt a little bit of a ride on to the current trend in pop music nowadays, and a sense of “been there, don’t that”, especially with her crazy bloody affair at this years Met Ball Gala, and the lazy deliveries in her recent singles. But hopefully as a whole, Witness will be filled with surprises and fierceness like her Teenage Dream era. FINGER’S CROSSED!


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