Katy Perry feat. Nicki Minaj: “Swish Swish” – Single Review

Released: May 19, 2017

Katy Perry is basically the new queen of dropping a bunch of hits because… well, why the hell not? Ms. Perry isn’t afraid of touching into different music genres; she hit the disco nail on the head with the lukewarm “Chained to the Rhythm”, and a progressive pop sound in the juvenile joy of “Bon Appetit”. But now, the singer has teamed up with bottttaaaay poppin’ rapper Nicki Minaj in the new single “Swish Swish”, which is the third single of Ms. Thang’s upcoming studio album Witness.

I’ve been loosing my Katy flair since the mid-point of Prism, mainly because she’s only merged within the growing crowd of upcoming pop starlets that don’t even know the difference between a GOOD hit and throw-away fluff (no tea or shade, but come on… it’s true.) But lemme say this right now… THANK GOD! Finally, a new single by Ms. Thang that actually is really good from start to finish! The main issue with Katy’s singles recently is that, all in all, they come off undercooked and a little generic. This time, she’s dabbed her fingers into the world of deep house music and unleashed which could possibly be her best single since “Dark Horse” (in my opinion y’all).

Here’s the thing; Katy first sprinkled the 90s house sound onto her promo anthem “Walking On Air”, but that itself didn’t give me that 90’s realness I was craving for, despite it being a catchy and massively impressive cut on Prism. But for “Swish Swish”, it’s extremely exotic and steamy; the sound is giving me complete 90s realness, especially with the simplistic synths and basslines, and Katy’s vocals actually work cohesively here. The blend of her singing and the beat keeps it very vintage and classic sounding without being too forced or complexed, but the straightforward deliveries and composition keeps it quite contemporary and fun.

Then we have Ms. Nicki Minaj come up all in here with her “Young Money” and “Yo” lines before she even raps. Yes gurl, we get it. Unfortunately, the trouble is Minaj’s deliveries; she sounds decent enough on the track, but having said this, I just felt her performance was unnecessary. It’s a simple quiet dance number, not some bloody over-the-top Hip-Hop banger! Gurl, move aside! And I know you guys are thinking, “Well Liam, this is just another pop-deep-house number that eveeeerrrryyyy artist has been doing for the past couple of years!”. True… true dat. But y’all better do some research before coming at me; when I listen to “Swish Swish”, it gives me classic Robin. S “Show Me Love”, or CeCe Penisston “Finally”, or even Crystal Waters “Gypsy Woman” and “100% Pure Love” realness, not some borrowed and recycled deep house beats that come from a typical DJ mixed album. Next…

If anything, I feel that “Swish Swish” is probably her best number since the REAL early Prism days, and definetly better than her previous singles. It seems a lot more organic in her sound, and it’s by far a great genre for Ms. Perry to mix herself up with. It’s a catchy number, the hook is there, the production is slick and sexy, and the beat is quite hot! Lord, she’s gon’ be snatching wigs and making me bald soon, cause I can sense a number one soon!



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