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J-Pop singer Ayumi Hamasaki confirms that she is going deaf


Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki, who is the best-selling solo artists in Japanese music history, has confirmed that she is going completely deaf. Yes y’all, every one in J-pop land better be sounding their alarms, because it’s a music emergency. STAT!

The Queen of J-Pop shared the news via her Team Ayu blog two days ago, revealing that her right ear, which is her only working ear, has quickly deteriorated and is uncertain how long it will last. According to the singer, doctors have been performing a variety of tests to identify the specifics but to no avail. She wrote that “I was told after having various hearing tests that my right ear… is quickly weakening.” Alongside this, Hamasaki had been experiencing nausua, vomiting and extreme dizziness as a result of this, whilst in preparation for an upcoming nationwide tour, alongside writing material for her upcoming eighteenth studio album, which I hopefully expect coming out this year.

Back in early 2000, the singer’s experienced pains in her left ear whilst preparing for her debut concert tour, which was first triggered by a cold; this led to an ear infection, and was requested by doctors to ease off exposure to loud noises, but per usual, Hamasai fought and continued with numerous concert tours in the future. As a result, in mid-2008, Hamasaki announced she was completely deaf in her left ear. Nevertheless, the singer added two days ago that she made a commitment to continue performing and writing new material, stating “The stage is where I belong. It’s the only place I exist really, truly exists. I don’t know anything else.”

Y’all, I have no words. To be real, Ayu-chan is one of my favourite singers ever and she has published various phenomenal bodies of work, from the days of Loveppears to Colours. Unfortunately, she’s put this on herself, which is not good for the remaining of her career. I know my opinion speaks of many Ayu fans and is basically like a tadpole in the ocean, but Ms. Thang seriously needs to take a break entirely and focus on her health. She’s a prolific artist that has risen the bar in Japanese music as far as immaculate productions, songwriting and further artistry and creative control (beyond other traits), but as far as the condition goes, I really don’t know what’s going to happen to the Queen of J-Pop. Maybe this could be her last reign. Maybe this is the final countdown. It’s saddening, but, I dunno…

Source: Arama Japan


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