RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 10: “Crew Better Work” – TV Show Review


Can you believe that we’ve already hit the top 6? It only feels like last week Jaymes Mansfield was just eliminated, and now, 8 queens have left the building? Jesus Christ, I feel like I’ve been writing memoirs of this seasons RuPaul’s Drag Race. But of course, why not have an emotional moment when you have an episode like the make-over challenge. But unlike previous seasons, this make-over challenge didn’t included people of hit shows or veterans that have served good ol’ America. In fact, it’s a group of people that were closer to them than what they thought (literally though…). Mama Ru decided to let the queens make-over… THE CAMERA CREW! But first… the drama.

Ms. Nina Bo’Nina Inner Saboteur Brown has, yet again, fell over in a pile of melodrama, which was first documented in episode 4… then 5… then 6… then 7… then 8… then 9… and now (y’all get the picture). She feels a little emotional that she sent last weeks front-running queen Valentina packing, which was by far one of the most controversial moves in Mama Ru Drag herstory! But as the other queens continue to support her, Ms. Thang seems to allow go threw one ear and out the other. Does she REALLY need a huge tidal wave of sympathy and support? Does she really need the “Go Nina, Go Nina!” chants? Gurl no, move aside and take your own test. Ms. Nina, as subdued and caved-in as she is, has gotten this far by serving the judges pure ingenuity, but it seemed that the over-dramatic waves of sympathy and subconscious thinking has finally gotten to her.

For the challenge, the queens conducted a make-over for the camera crew, and ALSO done some dragged-out style and names! Of course you get a familiarity of their personalities, but this week, it seemed a bit of a… ehh, collection of mess and sass? Shea Coulee, choosing a camera man since she was last weeks winner, sure has it’s benefits… but gurl, someone who want’s to serve Natalie-Portman realness that can’t walk for shit, strut for shit, or let alone, hold his WEAVE together on the runway? Gurl bye. And of course, Trinity “The Tuck” Taylor (if ya nasty…) showed her cameraman the real goods of how to do her signature glorious tuck. Yes queen… if ya real nasty.

No particular theme was done this week, so, let’s get to the reviewing shall we?;

Alexis Michelle

Okay y’all, Imma be keep it real here. For the first time in like, AGES, I actually really enjoyed Alexis’ runway look and make-over… I know, dare I say it. For once, it didn’t come of cheap looking or extremely bland as hell (no tea no shade gurl…), it was actually quite pretty, well executed, and very Alexis. For me, Ms. Thang has a thing for not challenging her creativity or sewing to the likes of an extremely expensive or innovative outfit, and because of that, she sticks to her gut instincts and serves an old-skool approach with elements of 1960s Barbarella realness, which turned out to be a lot better this time round. But times running short love, BRING THE BEST TO THE TABLE NOW! Aside from that, her make-over partner was actually quite good too; all synced together, dressed nicely and painted for days! Kudos Ms. Michelle! (LOOK: TOOT / MAKE-OVER: TOOT)

Nina Bo’Nina Brown

Per usual, Ms. Nina Bo’Nina Bugs Bunny Brown knows how to slay them make-up bitches. That’s her gig right there, and for a challenge like this coming up her alley, you would expect her to completely snatch wigs, weaves and edges all over the damn show… but she walked on the runway tonight and F-ed that up. Ms. Thang served us some yellow rabbit realness with her make-over partner, which to me, is quite innovative and another dollar added to the jar of creative goods. But that outfit—a plain-as-F body suit, which was used as a replacement due to Nina’s last minute resort of unsuccessfully sewing a garment—was nothing but synched in and thrown together with a pair of thigh-high boots which, if you have followed the season, has been done again… and again… and again. All in all, this was a serious disconnection from the make-up that even Cynthia Lee Fontaine’s cowboy shorts from season 8 seems relieved. It could have been SO MUCH better with a more realized theme or additions (THAT RESEMBLED A F-ING BUNNY RABIIT) of fur and fluff, but alas, it’s another sad case for Nina Bo’Nina Oh-No-She-Better-Don’t Brown. (LOOK: BOOT / MAKE-OVER: BOOT)


Ms. Thang is really turning a party since falling the bottom, ain’t she! Giving me Fran Drescher realness with her make-over looking like a sassy as hell soul diva, Peppermint really took the challenge by storm. Sure, the brown kimono (here we go again…) and thick belt may have been disconnected to her make-over’s frilly black and white geometric gown, but the overall execution and make-up was so tight that I would have not even realized. However, I did find that the make-over’s make-up and tailoring was a little boxy and… mehh. But overall, it just seems so natural for Peppermint, and she finally has been keeping afloat reasonably well. You go Peppermint! (LOOK: TOOT / MAKE-OVER: BOOT)

Sasha Velour

Campy, artistic, high fashion, stellar, glamorous, sophistication, and pure class… I don’t think I can say anything else. (LOOK: TOOT / MAKE-OVER: TOOT)

Shea Coulee

Oh dear… this was a bump for Ms. Shea Coulee. As usual, the drag diva sure knows how to execute a fully-realized look from the top of a Marcel weave, to the bottom of her Louboutin heels. And for once, it’s not some generic-ass bathing suit that is thrown on with some glitz and glam and jewels and… you get what I’m saying (though, majority of her body suits have SLAYED that runway several times…). But her make-over partner? Gurl, that was just was just hodge podge. Now, that’s not to say it wasn’t completely bad, because the attention of the gown and colours were spot on, but the overall execution was a little inconsistent, and as Michelle Visage said, it seemed as the sister was basically made as an after-thought. It’s a 50/50 for me. (LOOK: TOOT / MAKE-OVER: BOOT)

Trinity Taylor

Knowing Ms. Trinity Taylor, we know that the runway is going to slay… and it didn’t dissapoint! Of course, this is a typical pagaent queen style look; big hair, big titties, big ass, and bathing suit. What more could you ask for a pagaent queen. But the thing is that Trinity has been quite exceptional as a pagaent queen, varying her looks and performances, so returning back to the good ol’ back to basics sure worked out fine for her! The purple colours were intoxicating, and the swim-suit screams adore (no, not that adore, like, adorable!) She’s sure turning up a party in here henny! (LOOK: TOOT / MAKE-OVER: TOOT)


Verdict? Of course Trinity Taylor deserved the win this week, but since Shea Coulee has now lost her streak, it looks like the gun is getting pointed away from both Taylor and Ms. Sasha Velour, two queens that have been consistently good and embracing a strong delivery of wins and runway looks! Unfortunately, the bottom two are Shea Coulee, for the first time, and Nina Bo’Nina Brown… for the third. Of course, Ms. Coulee knows how to snatch a bitches wig, but for Nina, it seem like Ms. Inner Saboteur decided to snatch her wig and feel defeated. But that lip-sync to Demi Lovatio’s “Cool for the Summer”? Hot… mess.

I was shocked at Shea’s lacklustre performance, mainly because… well, it was basic as hell. Nina has slayed all her lip-syncs to the max, so it was a competition to expect. But this season has been serving some under-cooked as F*** lip-syncs, with the Nina vs Aja number being the only lip-sync that actually gave me LIFE! (To be honest, I would have not been surprised if Mama Ru snapped at them and said “Both of y’all, get packin’ and get the F*** home). Maybe it was because it was a Demi Lovato number? Is it really that much of a dance hit to grace the stage of RuPaul’s Drag Race (no shade).

But alas, Shea Coulee’s consistent top streaks saved her this week, whilst Nina Bo’Nina Sayonara Later Betch Brown sashayed away. I have a soft spot for Nina because she was my favourite contestant of this season, serving the competition fun, inventive and drama-filled realness, but it just seem as Ms. Brown shot herself in the foot several episodes back, and as a consequence, it seemed too true that she would be the next to go. Clearly here talent and raw personality will give her the advantage after the show finishes, as she has so much potential to go on! I personally wished she made top five, but Mama Ru thinks otherwise… Alexis Michelle better serve it out next week, because the judges are only around the corner gurl…

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