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E-girls announce some big news, including line-up change and E.G. Family


After a quiet few months since their bloody massive release E.G. Crazy, Japanese girl group E-girls have dropped some killer news, and y’all will be shook, because I damn sure was.

E-girls, which were originally a super group compiled of bands Dream, Happiness, Flower and three original E-girls members, are now underneath a newly established enterprise called E.G. Family, which holds five other groups; Happiness, Flower, Dream Ami, Dance Earth Party, ShuuKaRen and SudannaYuzuYully. In simple words, the enterprise is basically the female version of Exile Tribe. But now, there has been a huge blow to long-term fans; the 19 members are now cut down to 11 (can you see the picture above? proof ehh…). That’s right, we might need to sound the alarms, because it’s a damn J-Pop emergency, STAT!

The Dream team, which consists of Shizuka, Aya and Ami have announced their disbandment from Dream, and subsequently retired from the E-girls group. Only Aya has so far confirmed that she has retired from being a musician and performer overall, and will serve as the creative manager to E.G. Family. Shizuka will continue as a musician towards Dance Earth Party with Exile’s USA and Tetsuya, while Ami will continue as a solo musician.

That leaves it to the other 5 leaving members; Happiness’ Miyuu and Ruri Kawamoto confirmed their removal from the band, citing their continuation with their original band, while Shuuka Fujii, Manami Shigetome and Mio Nakajima called it quits and stayed within their group Flower. So far, E-girls will have no leader, and will continue with the remaining vocalists Karen Fujii from Happiness, Reina Washio from Flower, and original E-girls member Yuzuna Takebe. But fear not! Not all is out of hope! E-girls have recently announced their new upcoming single, titled “Love Queen”, which will serve as their opening number as a newly-formatted group. The single will be released in various formats on July 26, 2017, so make sure you keep an eye out for the release. Also, a limited two-day concert titled “E.G. Evolution” will feature the final line-up of the group, and eventually will move on wards with future business; it is expected to open on July 15.

Of course I’m gutted, mainly because some of my favourite E-girls members are now OUT of the game, but alas, I still have hope that E-girls will turn a party with their new line-up and serve some mighty singles! What do you guys think? Comment below!


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