RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 11: “Gayest Ball Ever” – TV Show Review


Last week, we had to say a big goodbye to fan-favourite Nina Bo’Nina I Should Have Been Blac-Chyna Brown, and said hello to the new top five! This week was not any other typical week… it was the ball challenge! Thank the lords above yet another challenge where we get to see these bitches create some creative and innovative looks with sewing machines, hot glue guns, and much more! But instead of a completely out of the box type of challenge, Mama Ru decides to spread the love (LGBT love) in the Gayest Ball Ever! Yes y’all, a runway show filled with rainbows, unicorns, and over-the-top frills! 

The runway looks were split into three categories; the first being rainbow pride—basically emphasising looks that deal with rainbow colors… duhh. The second one is sexy unicorn… ummm, what? That’s exacrly what I thought off, but you know… clearly it’s a staple element to LGBT (no tea no shade…). And the finale presentation is the Village People Extravaganza, which pays tribute to the iconic disco group Village People. It’s a pretty straightforward week this time round, so I’ll just basically get into the looks:


Alexis Michelle

  • Rainbow Look: I actually kinda liked the Rainbow Look, but to an extent y’all… to an extend. I did find the over-thrush of rainbow quite F-ing unbearable, and as for a rainbow challenge, you take this to a more literal extreme? Gurl no, it’s time to show your inner creativor (or whatever you call it). I did like the 1960s tough-housewive depiction, especially with her up-do, but everything else was a little mediorce… which isn’t odd from her previous looks (no tea, no shade…). (BOOT) For the Sexy Unicorn look, again, too literal and not enough creativity. I LIVED for the colour and glitter, but… that’s about it. (BOOT) As for the Village People Look, I think Ms. Trinity Taylor took the words out of my mouth; when you are given an assignment, YOU GO FOR THE KILL! To me, Ms. Thang’s Native American look was not a great look; to be fair, it was diabolical. Nothing really screamed Native American to me, and the only thing that just pinched me to think it’s Native American was the bow on the head, which is pretty kooky but still not enough. I can understand the… ehhmm, cultural appropriation, but surely enough there could have been a lil’ more play and creative thinking? Where are the feathers? Face and body paint? Fur?… (BOOT)


  • I actually really liked the Rainbow Look; it gave me a classic 90s runway model feel, especially with the large thigh-highs and the small gold corset panel. Tick, tick, tick there Ms. Thang! Although I felt that the rainbow draping was a little (ehhmm, that’s an understatement) too… ehh, drappy for her sihlouette, I did feel it was a nice finishing touch to the look! Tick tick, yet again Peppermint! (TOOT) For the Sexy Unicorn look, ehhh… I wasn’t feel this gurl. Let’s start with the pro’s; the colour was pretty. I also liked the little head mask with spikes poking out from every side, which made the overall look feel a little more inventive and quirky. But gurl, another throw-over that draps over ANOTHER swimsuit? No, bye… (BOOT) For the Village People Look… YUUUUSSSS! Serving leather and fetish realness! I loved this look, and although (yet again…), it draped over her swimsuit, tarnished with lace and leather elements, it all worked cohesively together as the biker figure from Village People! It gave me a real tacky feel, which was definitely a 70s thing (no shade). Love, love, love! (TOOT)

Sasha Velour

  • I know y’all gon’ probably curse me out here, but here’s the thing; I absolutely loved her Rainbow Look. A simple, chic and sophisticated colour-blocking number, with an extra surprise of a small house on her F-ing bald head once she removed her hat! Bloody genius! But as far as the graphical depiction and silhouette comes, I did feel it was a little predictable, especially for Sasha’s taste. But I guess I’ll give her a pass for this. (TOOTSexy Unicorn? One word… okay two words… F-ing phenomenal! (TOOT) Serving Cowgirl realness for the Village People look, Ms. Velour sure used her noogan and created a pretty intricate, well-detail outfit! And gurl, it served fierceness… pure fierceness. To me, this is probably one of her best looks on the runway because it showcases Sasha’s ability of detail, placement and design when given an assignment! Superb queen! (TOOT)

Shea Coulee

  • Rainbow Look: Not really rainbow in my eyes… goodness, I don’t even think it has even ONE colour of rainbow in it. But I agree with Ms. Michelle Visage; it’s F-ing phenomenal! A glamorous dress with detailed graffiti and paint splatters all over her! Too much stun to feast on! (TOOT) Her Sexy Unicorn is a lil’ basic, considering Ms. Coulee follows suit of her typical swim-suit wearing saga, but it’s black stallion realness! Quite pretty too! (TOOT) But for the Village People Look, trust Ms. Shea Coulee to grab a bunch of nothing and create something that literally… like literally… becomes haute couture realness! Taking the fan favourite construction worker, Ms. Thang stomped the runway with an unforgettable look that had all the essentials; cargo shorts, white tank-top, yellow helmet and a large cape sewn with tartan shirts? F-ing genius. (TOOT)

Trinity Taylor

  • Rainbow Look: Gurl, no… No, no no. Here’s the thing; it’s fine. It’s a pretty, pageant-esque looking number that features glamorous hair, unclockable make-up, AND—quintessential to the Trinity brand, besides tucking—is her body. It’s gorgeous, but the overall look felt a little underwhelming. Maybe more coloured rainbow straps, or something larger and flowing could have solidified the look. (BOOT) Again for the Sexy Unicorn look, it’s pretty and very pageant-like, but… it’s a little underwhelming. Could have been a little more creative and over-the-top. (BOOT) Thank god for the Village People Look! Taking role of the cop member in Village People, I felt this was couture, hot, and extremely well-executed. The hair was on point and the additional facial accessories matched… she sure arrested me with this look (get it? arrested? cause she’s a cop?) (TOOT)



Verdict? Shea Coulee deserved the win! I mean, come on… every damn look was bloody amazing and extremely well-executed, and did the Village People proud with her construction worker look! Yes Queen, you better construction werk! And Sasha Velour, the crafty bitch she is, sure did a fine job this week as well!

Unfortunately, Alexis Michelle and Peppermint fell in the bottom. In all fairness, I don’t think Peppermint should have been there. She really stepped up her game for this challenge, and I felt that Trinity needed to be in her place, but hey… I guess Mama Ru see’s something I don’t see (TELL ME NOW BETCH!) And yet again; a pretty mediorce and nothing gag-worthy about the lip-sync to Village People’s “Macho Man”. I understand why, because it’s a real stereotypical male anthem, but if anything, Peppermint sure don’ some crazy ass moves to keep her in the race, while Alexis Michelle (finally… no tea, no shade..) sashayed away.

What do you guys think? Comment below.


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