RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 12: “Category Is…” – TV Show Review


After Alexis Michelle’s departure from the line-up (thank god, I was kinda wondering when the hell she would leave… no tea, no shade gurl), we finally have our top four; legendary Peppermint, creative club kid Sasha Velour, fierce and sickening Shea Coulee, and the pageant princess Trinity Taylor. Who would of thought these four queens would make it to the top four? Maybe Ms. Coulee and Velour, of course, but throughout this journey, I’m quite surprised off the outcome between both Trinity and Peppermint, considering that they have really pushed the envelope to different directions. Now, ladies and gentlemen… it’s the final countdown… to the crown!

For this week’s challenge, they had to write and record a segment to a remix of RuPaul’s number “Category Is…”, and choreograph it live! Yikes, that would have been a episode not to miss Ms. Thang! But I’m soooooooooooo F-ing salty that it’s not the runway remix we have had all season. If ANY bitch and bitchet out there has that remix (you know what one I’m talking about… look up the runway up for season 9), then do please comment below because I’ve been dying, rotting and itching to have that on my iTunes list. And of course, the final runway theme is Top Four Eleganza Extravaganza. Let’s take a look at this weeks progress, and elements of their journey:



Peppermint’s performance this week was by far my favourite! After a few bumpy rides with her performances, she got back up and slayed the challenges that came in the future! Yet, I’m still a lil’ bitter that she ended in the bottom two last week, thank god she survived that predicament and came out a legend! Her quick-wit and fast deliveries in her rapping gave me LOOOIIIFFEEEE, and was by far the most impressive creation she has conducted this season! As for her runway look, it was a pretty basic red material with gold jewellery and embellishment, but overall, it was definitely one of her best looks! It’s regal realness with a splash of boujee sassiness, all added together to make the perfect Peppermint! (TOOT)

Sasha Velour

A queen heavily known for her crazy, almost sadistic and almost glamorous appeal, Sasha Velour sure has given us some pretty iconic looks and personality that hasn’t really graced the stage of RuPaul’s Drag Race! Out of any contestant this season, she has pushed her own boundaries as far as fashion and outfits, and applied an intellectual yet witty stance that has served her well though the journey! This week, she stumbled a bit, but came on track with her inner creativor self and STOMPED the live performance! Again, her look was basically her entrance look in a different colour, but hey, she has a way to re-create things and make it fresh, so why not! (TOOT)

Shea Coulee

Clearly the baddest bitch in the Maaa-f-ing game, Ms. Coulee has continued to impress me this entire season with boss-as-hell performances, well-rounded acting skills, some pretty state-of-the-art fashion choices, and ballsy risks in various fields! Out of any contestant this season, Shea has what it takes in my opinion; she’s very well-rounded, has a staggering personality, a great sense of style and commitment, and if anyone should get the crown, it should be her! Her live performance this week, per usual, is stellar and definitely a redemption for her utter mehhh lip-sync against Nina Bo’Nina Oh-Wait-I’m_Still-Being-Mentioned-After-I’ve-Been-Eliminated Brown! Her look, a over-the-top corset with shoulder-pads, stockings and electric blue hair was quintessential Shea, though I wish it was a little bit bigger and spoke volume! (TOOT)

Trinity Taylor

When this program started back in March, I thought Trinity was gon’ get the boot around the first few weeks, mainly because pageant queens get their asses kicked off like… in the first four-five weeks. But lord, this season, she turned a F-ing party! She really broke the mould of the typical pageant queen stereotype, and did many performances and tricks that F-ing made me stood back; she was extremely funny in the acting challenges, she was messy when needed to be, she was high fashion when on the runway, she challenged her confort zone to be a lot more adventurous and experimental, and to me, that’s the pathway of getting closer to the crown, and having a strong focus and determination as well! ANNNNNDDD, for the first time on drag race, she is wearing (*weeps slightly*)… a pageant look! Complete with diamonds, gold glitter, and see-through mesh for that booooodddyyyy! (TOOT)

For the girls final task, they were all asked to lip-sync to Mama Ru’s “U Wear It Well”, finally serving justice to a pretty banging house number! BUT BAM! Probably the biggest cut in Drag Race history… three drag queens did not make it threw the final three…

IT WAS ALL FOUR QUEENS! My… face… has… cracked… and… fallen… on… the… floor. BAM! This is in fact the first time on an original series, whilst the first All Stars had four queens make it to the finals (though two queens battled each other for the crown…). I was actually thinking to myself, “What the actual F?” But yes y’all, Mama Ru slipped a wild card and pulled all four queens to the grand finale! Personally, I’m rooting for Ms. Trinity Taylor, but now, who knows who could get the crown! What do you guys think? Comment below!

ALSO: tune in for my next RuPaul Drag Race post, where I discuss my personal favourite moments, looks, and shockers this season!


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