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The Best, Worst, and Shocking Moments of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 – TV Show Review


As you know, tonight was the final night of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9! And for the first time, four queens will be the runner-ups to the crown to be America’s Next Drag Superstar! Thoughout the series, there have been some make-ups, break-ups, cat-fights and more! So, I decided to conduct my personal favourite moments of this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race! I just want to disclaim that this is purely my opinion, so if you basically disagree with everything, then bye… goodbye… next… ka kete… sayonara… fuera! Nothing’s in particular order, so here we go!

Best Lip-Sync

Unfortunately, the lip-syncs this season was pretty tepid (aka boring as F). There wasn’t any surprising twists, moments or exquisite lip-sync notes either, which just made it pretty… well, mehhh. However, the only lip-sync that I could watch over and over again is Nina Bo’Nina Brown vs. Aja, who lip-synced the song “Finally” by CeCe Peniston. It was probably the only lip-sync that has a connection between the contestant and the song, which was pretty immediate with Ms. Nina Bo’Nina Peniston Brown; that funny-as-hell titty shake and duck voguing? EPIC! The energy between the two performers was quite intense and focused, though Brown’s rhythmic movements and soul-serving delivery kept her another week, which was good!

Worst Lip-Sync

Gurls and boyz, the battle between Shea Coulee and Nina Bo’Nina Brown was… bad. Knowing Shea’s dynamics and powerful confidence, I kind expected her to turn out a party of Demi Lovato’s “Cool for the Summer”. But all I got was “mehhh”. And knowing it was Nina’s third time in the bottom, it wasn’t gonna come out good.

Best Challenge

Definitely the “Oh. My. Gaga” challenge, where all the drag queens dressed in two looks, one inspired by their hometown, and the other being inspired by the queen herself… no not Mama Ru, I’m talkin’ bout Lady Gaga! It was actually pretty interesting and cool looking at all the outfits and runway looks by each contestant, showcasing their diversity, versatility and ballsy costumes. That week, no queen was sent home, which only allowed more drive and push-power to evolve for the coming weeks—especially with CuCu coming back into the competition. Special note is that Ms. Nina Bo’Nina Germanotta Brown won the Miss Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent Show, which she SLAYED!

Worst Challenge

There haven’t been “worst” challenges this season, per say. But the one challenge that I expected to go a little further was the RuPaul Roast. Givin’ the fact it was towards panel judge or RuPaul’s secretary Michelle Visage, there were a lot of opportunities where the queens could have gone FULL MODE! Instead, only a couple turned out to be quite memorable. It’s understandable, knowing there isn’t any comedy queens, but man… that was pretty forgettable.

 Best Runway Theme

I’ve been waiting for this moment for ages, and so finally on episode 9, the Club Kid Couture runway theme was bound to be an exciting trance of outrageous creations, flamboyant colours and messy-yet-clean aesthetics. It’s by far the most significant culture for the show, especially with drag queens evolving their drag from the Club Kid days, so it’s finally a wonderful time to really celebrate the culture in the form of RuPaul’s Drag Race, which is why it’s my favourite runway theme of this season!

Worst Runway Theme

By far the Faux Fur Realness runway. I mean, what the hell was that? The entire runway was a little pedestrian for me and over-the-place, that it didn’t really give me LOOOIIFFEEE, and I wanted LOOOIIFFEEE. Only a couple queens stood out, but as far as I cared, that was about it (no tea, no shade).

Iconic Lip-Sync Moment/Move

When Charlie Hides basically stood in one spot. Lord have mercy, that was a choice (in the words of Tatianna). I understand that she had a rib injury, but gurl, if you can walk down the runway in those 10 inch heels, then you can walk around a bit and serve a lil’ bit of energy. Knowing that her competitor of the lip-sync Trinity Taylor served nothing but over-the-top energy, kicks and flips, Ms. Hides bowed out with grace (and embarrassment) and finished in 12th place.

Most Shocking Moment

Valentina’s shocking elimination… there. I said it. Now, sue me. GURL WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT! Valentina didn’t have the best week during the “Your Pilot’s On Fire” challenge, especially since she was paired with someone like Nina Bo’Nina Self-Saboteur Brown—two queens who are a little messy, yet extremely conceptual and creative. But after the pair fell into the bottom two, it was gon’ be an extravaganza for the gods! Per usual, Ms. Brown served the runway with a doo-wop and fun rendition of Ariana Grande’s “Greedy”, but it was Valentina’s veil covering her mouth that literally made Mama Ru stop the track and asing her to take it off, much to everyone’s surprise… and gurl, Mama Ru was nooooooootttt happy. But due to Valentina’s lack of movement and not knowing the words to the song (!!!), it was her who was sent packing, and basically caused a massive controversy online!

Saddest Goodbye

Of course Valentina’s goodbye was incredibly sad and too sudden, Ms. Eureka’s controversial exit for having injured her leg was truly a smack on the head! For someone that was a pretty strong, competitive prospect to the competition to be suddenly removed was definitely a blow to her fan-base, but thankfully, she will be returning to season 10 with more power, strength, and Elephant-realness!

Most Robbed Queen

You would think that with all the looks, performances and lil’ kinks that Sasha Velour does, she would get a bit more challenge wins and praise? Ehhh, wrong! Sasha Velour, throughout the entire competition, has won two challenges, but those challenges were in fact team-based challenges with Shea Coulee, who had won two additional sole challenges through the race. As far as the top four goes, Ms. Velour is the only contestant to not have won a single sole challenge, which is pretty out-of-the-damn-world considering how strong she has been throughout this entire ride! She was close to getting the Snatch Game, but that was given to Ms. Alexis Michelle. She was close to getting the Ball looks, but that was given to Shea Coulee. Ehhhh, never mind Sasha.


Most Intense Scene

Gurl… the shade, the shade, the shade of it all! When Ms. Nina Bo’Nina came for Ms. Shea, lord the drag world erupted (well, not really, but equivalent enough…). Long story short, Nina thought that Shea was back-stabbing a chick, and Shea retaliated by saying it wasn’t so. Kitty cat claws are out!

The Queen that COULD Have Made It To the End

To me, either Valentina or Nina Bo’Nina Brown could have easily made it further than what they achieved. For Valentina, I think it was her sense of “I’ve got this”, “I’m fine”, “I’m never gon’ have to lip-sync” that seriously took over her thought process, and what do you know? You were sent packing. I live for Valentina, but she seriously shot herself in the foot with this one, which was quite unfortunate and sad really. Then there’s Nina, who’s looks were extremely creative and well-outside the box, definitely the most innovation I’ve seen in any queen in recent times. However, unlike Valentina, Nina shot herself in the foot once… then twice… then again… and again… and again… so forth. These two queens could have snatched them edges, but it was a little to soon for their departures, which is unfortuante.

The Season’s Most Iconic Look

This biases as hell, I know, but… if any look that really represented this season, it was Nina Bo’Nina Brown’s peach look. I mean, honey, this was a masterpiece! This was like, Kim Chi’s Book look. Sharon Needle’s Apocalypse look. Jinxx Monsoon’s Telenova Look. Violet Chachki’s Reunion Look. This is by far one of the most iconic looks, and my favourite of all time!



Now, since we’ve got that cover, I was thinking to myself, “Well, some queens actually did a good job in their runway looks.” So I thought, “You know what? Imma make a list of my favourite queen looks”. Because why? They’re sickening! I though it would be a good opportunity to list some awesome runway looks by each drag queen with a little bit of commentary to mould it together, so here we go (also, each listed queen is by elimination first);

Runway Looks

  1. Jaymes Mansfield: Her White Party look gave me classic Marilyn Monroe vibes, and that was pretty awesome and glamorous!
  2. Kimora Blac: I died, and came back alive for her Vegas Hometown look, all glimmer and shimmer (I made fan art on my Instagram)
  3. Charlie Hides: No tea or shade, but her golden Princess look was exquisite and by far the most “Princess-esque” out of anyone’s princess look.
  4. Eureka: LIVED for her Faux Fur look, so colourful and over-the-top realness!
  5. Cynthia Lee Fontaine: I LOVED her Madonna look, considering that it was one of the most focused and well-rounded Madonna attires on the runway.
  6. Aja: Funny enough, but her creepy Alexander McQueen-esque Big Hair Everywhere look was her best runway look, yet went home that same episode. So sad, but flawless.
  7. Farrah Moan: The Vegas White Party look… by far. Absolutely flawless and phenomenal.
  8. Valentina: Her Big Hair Everywhere look, with the lily-pads, disco-puffed up hair and flower colours, was charming, sassy, classy, with a lil’ bit of assy! A beautiful look from top to bottom!
  9. Nina Bo’Nina Brown: Can I just say that every look was bloody bang on? No? Not even all of them? Fine, then by default (even though they were all classics and original), then I would pick her slutty, zombie-corpse Naughty Nighties look. There, sue me.
  10. Alexis Michelle: No tea, no shade, but this is a bit of a stretch, but her spacey Barbarella Make-Up look was by far her most consist and well-rounded look. There, I said it. Sue me again.
  11. Trinity Taylor: Her creative, robotic, spacey… ehhh, disease-looking Club Kid look (as quoted by Trinity Taylor, herself) was definitely a look that KILLED the show! Love, love love.
  12. Shea Coulee: To be honest, all her looks have slayed the runway, but her construction worker Village People look snatched my edges, my credit card, my phone, my cash… gurl, everythang!
  13. Sasha Velour: I have a thing for clown-like aesthetics, so her Club Kid look spoke to me; the crazy make-up, the candy colours, the silly hat? Gurl, LOVE!
  14. Peppermint: One word… Peppermint. Three words… Club Kid look. One word… iconic.


What do you guys think of my views? Agree or disagree? These are my opinions, and all images are owned by the rightful owner; just for entertainment purposes only.


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