Remember ‘Teenage Dream’, the iconic pop collection way before ‘Witness’ and ‘Prism’ – The Breakdown


Around last week I had reviewed Ms. Katy Perry’s new studio album Witness. To be fair, it wasn’t exactly what I expected, which was a bummer, considering that Ms. Thang is undeniable one of my biggest teenage dreams (get it? teenage dream?). The thing is that, it’s not that Katy went into another direction or spread her wings a little wider (cause I give her props), it’s the fact that nothing really stood out and came full-circle. Instead, it came off a little under-cooked and mediocre, and trust me, I’ve been listening to it over-and-over again… As a result of this, I kinda forgot that I had a large stash of Katy Perry memorabilia—that was when I went to her awesome and unforgettable California Dreams and Prismatic World Tour—and stumble across the Teenage Dream vinyl I purchased for the record’s fifth anniversary (which was about one-and-a-half years ago). Continue reading “Remember ‘Teenage Dream’, the iconic pop collection way before ‘Witness’ and ‘Prism’ – The Breakdown”